PROMO x TheTeeSpot Radio Show

Twitter has proven to be more than just another social networking fad, as proven by TheTeeFam, a fan group dedicated to R&B artist Teyana Taylor. By way of my sister, I’ve seen up close just how hard Taylor’s fans go for her. Their latest project is one that could have a long-lasting impact on the influence fans have in an artist’s growth from rising star to legend.

TheTeeFam now have a radio show where Taylor’s fans call in and talk all things Teyana. I think this is a great project and the fact that these are teenagers and young adults making these power moves is inspiring. Even if you have no clue who Teyana Taylor is, check them out because you definitely get all the “T” when you’re surrounded by her fans.

Did I mention they have their own language practically?


Who: The Tee Fam (@TheTeeFam]
What: A Radio Show, entitled “The Tee Spot!”
When: Every Saturday @ 6PM EST
Why: HA! WE LOOVEEE TT! duh! -straight face-
Where: On BlogTalkRadio
I just want to point out how much this means to us. Teyana deserves her recognition because her MULTIPLE TALENTS are BEYOND AMAZING. This is NOT for us, we do what we do because we LOVE Teyana. Note that Teyana handles her own, she DOESN’T NEED US to do anything for her. But we genuinely LOVE her & this is what love for someone else has produced. We hope that this will bring MANY  good things for her
Check Teyana Taylor out on Twitter : Follow TheTeeFam for the latest updates on everything TT
Listen in on TheTeeSpot every Saturday at 6pm EST
Stay COOL, folks.
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