FILM: “This Is It”


I didn’t want to hit Google and use a stock of this movie poster so I brought my camera with me to the theater this morning and took this after I’d watched two hours of greatness in the form of the great Michael Jackson.

I’m telling you now, if you’re a devoted MJ fan, you cannot pass up seeing this movie. I’ve never been to a Michael Jackson concert so I knew this was about as close as I was gonna get to it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Everyone always said how much of a perfectionist Mike was, and it definitely showed in this candid footage that was taken during the rehearsals of the late legend’s “This Is It” tour.

I’m not gonna tell the movie because I did enough of that on Twitter [lol] but I will reccomend that you go see it while it’s out. Nine times out of ten, though, they’ll be releasing it on DVD to make more money for his estate so who knows.

My favorite part, though, was when creative director Kenny Ortega stopped the rehearsal to tell the band where they needed to come in at on “Smooth Criminal” because he thought they were late. Michael put his hand out and said, “No, I’m sizzling. This is the sizzle; I’ll cue them in”.


From now on, if people wanna know why I’m posted up and not saying much, “I’m sizzling, beeyotch.” Get familiar. RIP MJ.

Stay COOL, folks, and sizzle =)

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