LIVE SHOW: “Fan Appreciation Tour” starring Chris Brown

I just walked in the door not too long ago, but I wanted to get this out before everything that happened slipped my mind. When I go to shows, I have a tendency of forgetting EVERYTHING once I leave the venue. Don’t ask me because I surely don’t know why this is.

Tonight [November 14, 2009] marked the beginning of a new start for one Chris Brown: he began his Fan Appreciation Tour here in good ole Houston, Texas at the House of Blues. Now, I’ve become a staple at HOBs, having attended two other shows there in the past 3 months [Kid Cudi and Trey Songz], so I figured I knew what I was doing by getting to the place at 4 since the doors weren’t supposed to open until 9.

I was fooled. That “Pass The Line” crap is gonna get somebody shot one day, I swear. I was in a pretty good position [10th or so in line], but when you add in the people who paid for M&G passes, radio winners, AND PTL folks, I might as well have been sittin’ at the bar with the waitresses.

One nice thing I saw while in line was this guy had gone into the M&G and on his way to the back of the line, he gave this girl in front of me the autograph Chris Brown gave him. I know it didn’t mean much to him, which was why he probably gave it away, but that girl shook and shivered like Chris signed it in front of her. That was beautiful.

HOWEVER, that beautiful feeling would not last long. Apparently, nobody informed us about the absence of the show’s openers, Cali rappers[?] New Boyz and Audio Push, and they were almost sorely missed. Due to scheduling conflicts with Audio Push’s itinerary and New Boyz’s “Tardy for the Party” stunt, we were left with CB’s DJ, Babey Drew, on the one’s and two’s.

For forty-five minutes.

Not to mention the hussy to my right who just HAD to swing her rough weave in my face for every song he played. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES OF CHEAP, ITCHY WEAVE SLAPPING ME IN MY FACE.

At this point, my feet were hurting, my back was killing me, and I was yawning every two minutes so I was not a happy camper.

That all changed when I heard that Transformers intro and the light up board playing the “ICTY” video.

To put it plainly, CB shut it DOWN.

I did notice, though, that he seemed a bit unsure for a minute in spite of the ovation he received upon coming out. He eased back into his normal self, but I could tell by his facial expressions between songs sometimes that he was still a little leery about how he would be received. Could have been first show jitters too, so who knows?

Anyway after his new single, he went into “Wall to Wall” and switched up the dance break by performing it to Jay-Z’s “On To The Next One”. Of course I was into it, but the horny hussies [I’m sure they’re nice girls, but they’re hussies to me sorry] kept blocking my shots so my pictures during the first half of his show were blurry as hell.

He did snippets of “Throwed”, “Kiss Kiss”, “I Wanna Be”, “Run It!”, “Just Fine”, “Ain’t No Way (You Won’t Love Me)”, “Poppin'”, “Ya Man Ain’t Me”, and “Gimme That”. These weren’t little thirty second snippets, either. He had moves to match, and I was not mad at him for that. He also went into some of his collaborations such as “Drop It Low”, “Get Like Me”, “Freeze”, and “No Air”. “No Air” was hilarious because this dude was goin’ in on the vocals like he was in the studo and I’m havin’ a good time listening until these two messy HUSSIES decide they wanna fight each other in the middle of the song! But did Chris stop?

Hell naw [lmao]. I don’t think he realized it though, in his defense.

The moment I’d been waiting for had come when Chris performed “Crawl”. That boy gave me chills and I was so glad I knew every word and was singing along like I wrote it. He’d even sang the newest single off Graffiti, “Sing Like Me”, acappella because they didn’t bring the track. They’ll probably have for later dates, though, so learn those words so you can sing along. I know I was.

His dance breaks included “Swag Surfin'”, some Lil’ Wayne song that I don’t know, and a reggae track that he and his dancers were goin’ IN on. Chris was winding and everything, made me pull a “oh my” real quick. He did perform the fan-favorite “Take You Down”, and he did strip and cause a frenzy when he tossed his shirt into the crowd. I was just thankful that it didn’t land near me because with the way I was feeling, I would have let that shit drop and watched everybody wrestle for it.

A fun fact: Chris actually apologized to the parents in the audience shortly after “TYD” for his raunchiness. I thought that was too cute.

The ending of the show was, of course, “Forever”, and the crowd was too hype. Chris had my focus, but I was REALLY checking for his backup dancer, B Shaw. Whew, that boy knew he was on tonight! I appreciated his look greatly. They had done another dance break cutting out of “Forever”, and Chris BODIED the stage at that point. Just watching his feet in person is such a sight to see, and I’m so thankful that people like us in that room and all over the world are giving him this second chance to give us THIS entertainment.

Back to the wrestling for a second: he stripped AGAIN and tossed his shirt AGAIN; only this time, once the shirt dropped, everybody in front and to the left of me dropped with it. I watched these fools hold on to that thing for like three minutes straight, only because people were too busy being spectators and coaching these crazy individuals to let me through. A hot ass mess, I tell ya.

Overall, it was a great show and worth my aching limbs and such. If he’s coming to your town, please go support him and check it out. Remember that a portion of the ticket sales goes to a charity Chris is working with called Best Buddies, benefiting disabled kids who look to be treated as any other person and the celebrities who make that happen for them. Chris shouted them out and told us about how they had fun bowling yesterday. Great stuff.

Graffiti comes out December 8th, so I suggest you cop that as well AND Chris will be on the cover of VIBE Magazine’s relaunch premiere issue due on newsstands the same day.

I try not to give mainstream artists too much clout on here, but Chris is a great person who deserves a second chance and I’ll support him regardless of what goes on in his personal life. This was my first time seeing him live out of all these years I’ve been a fan, but it was well worth the wait. To check out some flicks of the show, hit coolFLICKS and enjoy.

To learn more about this great organization, Best Buddies, click here to visit their site and find out how you can help.

Stay COOL, folks.

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One thought on “LIVE SHOW: “Fan Appreciation Tour” starring Chris Brown

  1. Chicki says:

    Yuuuuuhs!! I love pt! Girl this was a great description of the concert, lol It’s too cute that he apologized for his manish carrying ons on TYD….awwww. I would def love to see him in concert cause he’s an amazing performer! Oh and great pics…although you couldn’t enlarge them….booo, lol.

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