DOWNLOAD: “The Cleveland Show” – Chip Tha Ripper

Cleveland MC Chip Tha Ripper released The Cleveland Show, a masterpiece of a mixtape, last Tuesday. This is the first one I’ve copped of his but I was put onto him after hearing him on Kid CuDi’s Man On The Moon: End Of Days LP released earlier this year. I’ve been following him on Twitter for a minute so when he started promoting for The Cleveland Show, I was prepared to listen and see what he was all about.

His voice literally reminds me of Bun B and I find mad comfort in that for some reason. Chip’s lyricism is one that has other up and coming rappers paling in comparison whether he’s talking about hanger-ons who felt entitled [“Owe You”], or admitting that Jay Z didn’t do for him what he did for other hip hop heads [“Dear Hip Hop”]. All through The Cleveland Show is honesty and a purity that’s missing in mainstream hip hop.

There are very few hip hop artists that I get excited over because I’m an R&B chick at heart, but Chip’s stolen my attention from the majority of my iTunes library for the time being. Some stand-outs for me are “She Cold”, “To Cold”, “Broke Ass Hoe”, and the collab that made my LIFE, “Fat Raps” which features my guy Curren$y and theCOOL spotlight artist Big Sean. The track was produced by Chicago’s own Chuck Inglish, one half of my favorite group of the moment The Cool Kids. I’ve been a fan of Curren$y since Lil’ Wayne’s 2005 LP Tha Carter II when he was featured on “Grown Man”; his flow is nice to me and I can’t wait to hear some new projects from him.

The Cleveland Show is a great introduction to Chip if you haven’t heard about him before , and a great addition to your music catalog if you’ve been along for the ride all this time. I urge you to support great music and cop this mixtape then spread the word to anyone who will listen. Hell, shout it to those who won’t listen. How could you not not check for Tha Ripper?

The nigga got Pootie Tang on his mixtape! On that note, happy downloading.

Stay COOL, folks.

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