BOOKS: “The Law of Attraction”

So I’m on Twitter earlier and my favorite blogger, Necole Bitchie, posts this link to an entry she posted on her personal blog, This is Necole, last month that really inspired me to go hard in 2010. As previously noted in my retrospective post, I’m visualizing goals and putting my plan in motion to get what I want.

Her story is really great, and is the perfect example of accomplishing your goals by putting positive energy into the universe can yield the desired results. This theology stems from the book, “Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t“, written by Michael Losier, which is a great self-help book that’ll aid in your quest for a better quality of life.  Here are a couple excerpts from the post:

“The principles have everything to do with attracting those things that you want in life by: changing your thought process, gratitude for things you already have and believing you will receive the things you want by visualizing them and acting as though you already have them.”

“…My life started changing as soon as i began the practice of thanking God every day for the little things. I didn’t have much but I thanked him for the little things like having a roof over my head (when i was living with an aunt) and food to eat. Then I started visualizing what I wanted.”

I’m all for putting things into the universe and being grateful for receiving said things. I’ve always been an avid believer in this, and I’m a born planner so formulating plots to achieve my goals is my favorite thing to do. In 2010, though, achieving those goals will be my new favorite thing.

Tying in a concept that was brought to my attention again by Necole (this chick knows her stuff) last year, a vision board can help put things into perspective. I’m working on mine for this year and plan on making those goals my only focus, but we can’t forget to thank God for making everyday and extraordinary things possible for us. Without gratitude, there could never be progress.

I have GOT to buy this book, and I will be at my local Barnes & Noble to pick it up this week. Thanks to Necole so much for bringing this to my attention because it just enhances my drive to do better, but most of all, be better. Go check her gossip blog out [I promise she’s not messy like everybody else out there], and follow her @necolebitchie on Twitter if you’re not already.

To purchase “Law of Attraction” on Amazon, hit it here, and I hope your dreams come true this year!

Stay COOL, folks.

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