DOWNLOAD: “It’s Time” – Sammie

If the name Sammie sounds familiar, you might be referring to his burst onto the music scene back in 2000 as a youngin; his album, From The Bottom To The Top, included the hits “I Like It” and “The Crazy Things I Do For Love” and big things were expected to come from him. However, Sammie decided to pause his music career for school and made his comeback in 2006 with the slept-on album, Sammie. His most recent known piece of work is a feature on Souljaboy’s 2008 smash “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”, but he’s been finding his footing with his talent lately.

The result of that is “It’s Time”, a nine-track EP produced by Songbook Entertainment that is just a sample of how vocally mature Sammie is. His voice murders R&B singers putting out albums now yet he gets little recognition for his gift, but after this EP released last night, I have a feeling that will change.

With production from Troy Taylor, John “SK” McGee, Daryl Cook Jr, Yonny, JHype, and E. Miles, this compilation is what we all have been waiting for: Songbook brought out the best in Sammie, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Some favorites of mine are “Wake Up”, “Time Machine”, and of course the club banger featuring Mr. Trey Songz himself, “Put It On My Tab”. What makes this EP so special is that the acapellas are packaged with the songs, which no one has really done before. You can really hear those classic Songbook harmonies and Sammie’s insane vocal runs.

This guy is the truth.

The best part about this is that you pay nothing for it! You have no excuse not to have this in your music library so just click here, press play, and marvel at some true talent. After that, you can follow Sammie on Twitter and keep up with what he’s doing as he works on his next album tenatively due out this year.

Stay COOL, folks.

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