DISCOVER: “The Doug & Patty EP” – Carlitta Durand and Vaughn Garcia

This has got to be the cutest concept for an EP I’ve ever seen. “Doug” was my FAVORITE show when I was growing up so to hear Doug and Patty’s relationship as the muse for this compilation just made my life. Christmas was mad hectic so I hadn’t gotten a chance to to listen to this when I’d originally downloaded it, but it is one great piece of work.

Singer Carlitta Durand’s beautiful tone and Vaughn Garcia’s bangin’ production makes a great combination. Though only containing seven songs, it makes a point and properly introduces both Carlitta and Vaughn to those who may have never known about them before. My favorites have to be “Official”, “Supernova”, and “Ode 2 Patty Mayonnaise”, but the entire EP is on point. Hit Vaughn’s blog, M1 Platoon, to learn more about him and Carlitta’s MySpace to keep up with what she’ll be up to this year.

Cop The Doug & Patty EP and take yourself back to a time where Doug’s love for Patty was funny, and banging on a trash can was all a kid wanted to do in life. Gosh, where’s the box set for that show?!

Stay COOL, folks.

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2 thoughts on “DISCOVER: “The Doug & Patty EP” – Carlitta Durand and Vaughn Garcia

  1. Oooooo. I’m sold by your description. Now I’m on myspace listening to it. Pretty nice. Might even download. *hi5*

    p.s. I miss Doug … that show was so bomb. Kids today don’t know what they are missing. That’s very unfortunate smh

  2. p.p.s (lol if that’s the way it goes) where can i download this from cuz that Cop hyperlink only has one song.

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