RANDOM: have you ever…?

Have you ever wondered about how people came to know those they’re friends with? Maybe it’s my age that’s showing, but it seems like the longer I’m in college the more I see an elevated scale of cliques that may carry over from high school. Or maybe just the trend carries over. It’s funny because these are the years where you develop and learn the most about yourself, but what happens to the people who know who they are? Where is their clique?

This is the situation I find myself in: yes, there are lots of older people in college so I know I’m not alone but it seems like if you’re not a freshman there’s a drastic age gap and you’re thrown in the “attend class and go home” category. What about everyone in between, what happens to them? Even though my mind is pretty much made up about me transferring to a New York school over this summer, I’ve found that I’ll miss having the opportunity to connect with others when I go.

Taking advantage of said opportunity, though, is easier said than done. I love the friends I do have, don’t get me wrong. I just want to be sure that despite what I may believe, I am capable of developing friendships with others even when I feel somewhat out of my element.

So I’m setting a goal: make at least one new friend by the time the spring semester is over. I’ve made steps to be more outgoing by speaking out in class so we’ll see how successful I am with that. I’ll keep you posted.

Stay COOL, folks.

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