TECHNOLOGY: Why I Would Buy An iPad

So Wednesday the huge announcement was made about Apple’s newest creation in San Francisco. I was online checking out a liveblog of the event, and nearly had a baby when the iPad was unveiled.

Literally, I screamed. Immature, yes, but hell I’m a nerd for technology. Sue me.

Anyway, this device is so awesome I’d almost give a kidney for it. It comes in THREE different GB choices: 16GB [$499/$629], 32GB [$599/$729], and 64GB [$699/$829], has Bluetooth, and the ability to have both WiFi and 3G on the tablet is such a huge plus. Even though the service will be provided by AT&T [=], the data plans [19.99/month for 250MB, 29.99/month unlimited] are affordable and prepaid so you’re not tripped up in any contracts.

It has modified iWork applications and apps created especially for the iPad while it runs mostly all of the applications already listed in Apple’s App store. Checking email has been made easier, browsing the Internet is smoother, and it’s an all-around visual dream with its easy mobility [weighs just 1.5 pounds].

There’s the technical stuff; here’s what naysayers are squawking about:

  • It has no camera and subsequently no iChat feature and,
  • It can’t run Flash video

Yes, these are the major cons of the iPad, and I acknowledge those dutifully. Let’s think about this, though; the iPad is essentially an e-book reader since there’s been a surge in digital book titles over the past two to three years. I used to work in a bookstore, and I remember when we started selling e-book titles so this is very true. Apple creating a device that capitalizes on this particular market was a smart move so we have to remember:


Apple put all the extra stuff on there because it’s what they do, and it’s expected of them to at least have the bare essentials that separate their products from the rest. That being said, was the camera on the first iPhone the best? No. Weren’t you just finally able to send and receive MMS messages via iPhone whithin the last 6-9 months even though the phone’s been out since 2007? All right, then.

Give Apple a break. We all know what’s gonna happen anyway: once iPad is officially placed on the selling market [March for WiFi models, April for WiFi + 3G models], developers are gonna survey the initial response [take in customer feedback, field businesses’ pros and cons, pay CLOSE attention to what everyone’s been saying prior to the launch] and go in on an update.

Layman’s terms: in six months, we’ll have a second generation iPad complete with a camera and Flash capabilities.

THIS would probably be the only thing that stops me from buying an iPad right away. That’s happened to me before with the iPod Touch, and I was royally pissed when the new upgrade come out with all these dazzling features. Other than that, though, I will be collecting my pennies for the iPad because I think it’s fabolous, and I may even sacrifice the buyback money I would make on next semester’s books by buying digital textbooks.

After all, that is its main purpose =)

iPad is gonna be huge regardless of what some may say, and the fact remains that the people talking shit about what it DOESN’T have will probably be the first in line to cop it when it hits stores. Americans can’t help it; we’re sheep when it comes to the latest trends.

See you at the Apple store!

Stay COOL, folks.

photo credit: The Business Insider

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