Welp, none of my dreams came true last night: Trey didn’t win [damn Beyonce], Cudi went home empty handed AND I didn’t even see him [<_<], 'Ye stayed home for everything, and Chris didn't come flying down to rescue the MJ tribute.


Gaga did manage to give me life the first five minutes of the show with her "Poker Face"/"Speechless" performance which did feature Elton John. He looked great and healthy, I loved it.

Besides that, everything else was kinda…bland? Beyonce was AIGHT; that song was mad old for her to be singin' like it just came out yesterday but her acceptance speech was mad cute and I love how Jay pulled a "I don't know what to do with my hands" Ricky Bobby when B went to hug him [lmao].

Dude, she's your wife. You're allowed to do that, you know.

Who else was there? Oh, Maxwell's performance was cool, loved him and Roberta Flack.

MJ's kids were awesome, and I don't care what anybody says: I feel those are his biological kids and I'm ready to debate it with anybody who's down. Bring it!

As for the tribute…Usher was doin' the most, Smokey was Smokey, but Carrie and J. Hud held it D-O-W-N! Celine was kinda miscellaneous. Hey, I'm just sayin'.

As expected, "Forever" was blah for me due to the lack of Yeezy swag onstage and that annoying censoring debauchery we were subjected to. Did the FCC even know when exactly they cursed because it seemed like they pressed the button when they felt it in their spirit, but maybe it's just me. I will acknowledge the magnitude that the performance embodied: just signed rap artist ending the show and getting nominated twice off the strength of a mixtape. Yeah, yeah, yeah; it was a "Rudy" moment, okay.

MY personal favorite moment came in the "upset" of the year, packaged in a young frail country singer. Taylor Swift snatching the Album of the Year Grammy was the biggest "FUCK YOU" to everyone who feels Kanye gave her a career boost.

Let me say this so I won't have to say it again:

YOU [yes, you] may not have known what a Taylor Swift was before last September, but the THREE MILLION people who purchased her self-titled debut album back in 2006, oh they know exactly who she is and always have.

TAYLOR didn't get Kanye in trouble; HENNESSY got that nigga in trouble so stop blaming that girl for accepting an award that the FANS voted on, and for Kanye not liking it.

Did you vote for Beyonce? Did you call Kanye and tell him to tell his people to vote for Beyonce? Oh, you didn't? Well then SHUT THE FUCK UP.

So you still wanna ask who Taylor Swift is? She's the chick who won four Grammys last night and officially means more to the mainstream than you do.

Is THAT why you're mad? OOP! Get over it.

P.S. my vote was for GaGa, but then again I'm not on the Grammy board so that doesn't really matter.

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One thought on “COMMENTARY: 2010 GRAMMYs

  1. JHende02 says:

    haha! i love your blog posts! HILARIOUS!

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