FASHION: Unkommon Kolor

Thanks to Twitter, a person can discover so much of everything that’s out there that they would otherwise never knew existed. Case in point, Unkommon Kolor. I’ve seen the name in my timeline a few times so I decided to check them out and stumbled upon this AMAZING website with bangin’ product.

From snapbacks to skateboards to t-shirts to mullys, this company’s got it all for you to cop.

They have this snapback featuring my main damie, Captain Hook…YO! Do you know how coppable that’s about to be? VERY, and those Saved By The Bell Nikes are freakin’ awesome too.

Don’t just take my word for it, though; visit their site and blog to catch yourself up. Murmurings in my timeline tell me that there’s a mixtape in the works that a band I previously highlighted here on theCOOL [Sore Losers] is going to be featured on so look out for that.

Can’t wait to see what the year will bring. I’m officially rockin’ with Unkommon Kolor.

Stay COOL, folks.

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One thought on “FASHION: Unkommon Kolor

  1. […] 16, 2010 · Leave a Comment I’ve featured Sore Losers and Unkommon Kolor previously, and raved about the good shit they’re putting out but this video takes the cake. […]

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