The Love Day Series: It’s the Simple Things

“Bank account got me feelin’ well/Fargo” – Big Sean: “Supa Dupa Lemonade”

Valentine’s Day is one of the times when people (sad to say but mostly females; I apologize to my gender in advance, but some of yall need to get it together though) like to take advantage of their partners by asking, hinting, or downright telling them to buy them these astronomically priced gifts.

For what, so you can stunt around your “lonely” friends and act like you’re better than them when really YOU’RE the one with the self-esteem issue? Honey, get real with your life.

Though February 14th is essentially a man-made holiday, if you’re gonna partake in the festivities you have to go in with the best intentions. Act on love, not greed. The type of people who badger their mate for diamonds or other frivolous items are the same ones who won’t even use the damn thing four months down the line. Why?

Because it’s just material! Shiny things lose their luster quicker than you think, so try offering and accepting a loving gesture where the memory will last so much longer than a diamond-encrusted watch.

Can’t even see the damn dial anyway. Shameful.

I won’t use the “there are starving children in Africa” line…but there ARE displaced citizens in Haiti. Hey, I’m just sayin’.

Stop looking for extravagant things that won’t do anything for you in the end, especially if you’re not even looking to obligate yourself to that person for much longer. People are scandelous nowadays and that’s just the thing that’ll get you shot so be careful.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is a day for love and every day after that should be filled with it. I remember one day last year when I was still boo’d up, my dude came over out of nowhere and gave me the sweetest card I’d ever gotten. It was a thank-you card for sticking it out with him during his darkest hour; I wasn’t expecting it but it made me feel so good to know that I was appreciated for the loving person that I really am.

Guys, REAL women will take romance in small steady dosages before they’ll love you anymore for buying them something expensive.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Stay COOL, folks.

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One thought on “The Love Day Series: It’s the Simple Things

  1. Maiya C. says:

    The card?? wow steph! lmaoo! But no you’re correct! Fellas put some of that $$ towards the rent or something! =)

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