DISCOVER: Shawn Chrystopher

Every now and then, I come across artists who sound good to me and I neglect to tell others about them. Sometimes it’s for selfish purposes while other times it may just slip my mind until someone asks me, “Stephanie, who are you listening to? I know you keep up with the hot shit.”

Indeed I do, and this would be one of those times where I HAVE to spread the word about Shawn Chrystopher.

I’ve actually known about him since last year but my attention span wouldn’t allow me to sit down and listen to his entire catalogue. I had gone on my favorite music blog, 2DopeBoyz, and was searching for names that I didn’t know [usually my process for downloading music] and Shawn Chrystopher’s “Untitled” popped up. It quickly collected mad play counts in my iTunes and I made a note to keep his name in my memory bank.

Shawn Chrystopher – Untitled

This California native [Inglewood always up to no good!] has been honing his craft all his life, and we’re getting the fruits of that labor in the form of mixtapes, albums, and EPs. While attending USC [my dream school, this guy is awesome], he molded himself to be the artist he is today: he calls all the shots and that’s what is so refreshing about Shawn; there’s no puppetmaster. It’s just him doing what he loves most. His sound is left of what we’re used to, and that’s never a bad thing in my opinion. People could learn from this guy.

On mixtapes “I.W.G [I Wear Glasses]” and “I.W.G 2: I Told You So”, Shawn offers up music that introduces him freshly each time to both new and loyal listeners. His interludes are the best I’ve heard in a while; I was dyin’ the whole time.

His album, A City With No Seasons, was released last November and is DEFINITELY worth the purchase via iTunes [you know what to do, don’t act].  My go-to tracks include “Believer”, “Heartbreaker”, “Lose Your Mind”, “(Untitled)” [newer version] and “Cloud 9”, but the whole album bangs.

I say ALL this to say that Shawn Chrystopher should be someone you keep on your short list of MCs to watch for in 2010. He has an EP entitled The Audition coming out 3/23 so when you know when that drops, you can hit theCOOL to cop that.

This guy has mad contacts so here goes:

@ShawnChrys [Twitter] | Shawn Chrystopher [Facebook] | Shawn’s Music Page [MySpace] | Shawn’s Official Site [Honour Role Student]

Whew! Through his blog on his site, you can still cop I.W.G. & I.W.G. 2 and I highly recommend you do because they go hard.

BTW, go cop “Like A Kid Again” from iTunes off the aforementioned EP The Audition. It goes as well. Support real music!

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3 thoughts on “DISCOVER: Shawn Chrystopher

  1. Yo, I really like him! He has mad potential and the song is really cute!Aooowwww!!! I’d listen to more of his stuff!

  2. Joniesha22 says:

    Ohh! i likez him! May have to look deeper into this man…mhm! lol

  3. Okay he is dope. I’m digging the Alternative Rap movement going on right now. I might have to add him to my blog since my topic is the undiscovered, the unpopular and the overlooked. He’ll fit perfectly. Thanks for the introduction … gotta download this song right……..NOW.

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