DISCOVER: D2 Crescendo

D2 Music Management has been a driving force in the industry for a while now, handling the careers of megastars like Trey Songz and producer extraordinaire Troy Taylor; now from this powerhouse comes D2 Crescendo [headed by CEO Mr. Delante Murphy], a blog that features music and everything else that makes this crazy world go round. This will be a movement which is why I’m giving you the heads up now to support.

Oh wait, and who is that young lady in the screenshot up top? Why, that’s ME! Check my post out about college life and give your input on the issue as well.

Comments never hurt anyone.

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2 thoughts on “DISCOVER: D2 Crescendo

  1. Prettiebirdie says:

    Oooooh that’s cool!! I want to write for the blog!! I saw him tweet about that….is he still looking for people?

    • stephthecool says:

      I think so, try to DM him and see. He told me to send in whatever was on my mind at the time so I’m guessing he’ll post as I email him, but you should hit him up. It’d be cool!

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