I’ve been into Kate and her music since the ’07 “unknown artist” phase I went through back then while wallowing in Long Island as I pondered my life’s meaning. Her album, Made Of Bricks, banged me to my core and I fell in love.

I love pretty much anything English, so the fact that she’s from England just sealed the deal for me. If you think you may have heard of her before, it may be because her song, “Merry Happy” got placements in mad movie trailers and the video for “Pumpkin Soup” was in heavy rotation on MTVU for a good while.

She disappeared on me for a while, but I managed to find out that she has a new, yet to be titled album coming out in April featuring the single, “I Just Love You More”. She’s back with her band, and her sound is totally different this go round. I’m giving her a shot, though, because that’s what fans do.

Because I love you guys so much, here’s a double play for you: “Merry Happy” and “I Just Love You More”. I strongly encourage you to cop her Made Of Bricks album, it really is awesome.

“Merry Happy”

“I Just Love You More”

I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress of Kate’s second album especially when she finally names it [lol]. For now, hit her MySpace and official website for regular updates on her whereabouts and such.

Stay COOL, folks [haven’t said that in a while =)]

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2 thoughts on “DISCOVER: Kate Nash

  1. Prettiebirdie says:

    I like her! I think I’ve heard of her…..I dig the Merry Happy song a lot! You are so right the I just love you more has a completely different sound and vibe to it……I kinda like it though so we’ll see, lol!

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