DISCOVER: Elevator Fight

I always knew that Zoe Kravitz, the awesome offspring of my favorite Cosby kid and super-dope rocker, was in a band but I was never given more details to seek them out. Until yesterday.

Elevator Fight consists of Miss Kravitz, Khari Mateen, Dominic Angelella, Joe Baldacci-Drums, Nick Bockrath, and Rick Friedrich. Their sound is primarily rock, but it’s not headache rock. I can deal with a lot of hard hitting records but with Elevator Fight, I don’t want to DEAL with it: I want to LISTEN to it.

They sound great and Zoe’s stage presence is definitely reminiscent of her father, one Mr. Lenny Kravitz [I really hope you already knew that]. She’s the perfect front woman to a band that has tons of potential. It would be great if I could find some download links to the songs I heard on their MySpace page, but sadly there are none to be found.

Hopefully that changes very soon because Elevator Fight has what it takes to make it big.

Elevator Fight actually played a show during SXSW [ -_- ] and the following clip gives you a little insight on the band including how they came up with their name and the struggles of being broke. It’s pretty cool.

These guys are truly awesome so hit their MySpace for the music and any band news. Happy listening!

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