DISCOVER: Kreateen

Meet Kreateen, a young rapper out of California who would like to tell you a story about life from his perspective. His goal is to inspire his generation to be unique and find their niche in this world, regardless of what it is. It’s a noble mentality to have at such a young age so I respect him for that.

His music holds up; his potential to be a force in the industry is definitely there. Via his MySpace page, I ALMOST PUT Kreateen in the The Pack-ish category with the track “Make It Drop”. I actually like The Pack, so it wasn’t a bad thing, but the further I listened I could see that he’s different.

Me being the girl I am, of course the lovey dovey rap tracks are my favorites so “U Don’t Need No One Else” [which samples Drake’s “Sooner Than Later” – double score] is probably my favorite Kreateen track. Check him out for yourself, though. His mixtape, “Here To Stay”, is on its way and I’ll have that for you when it drops.

For tracks, pictures, and all things Kreateen, hit his MySpace and keep his name in your mouth.

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