ALBUM REVIEW: “The Adventures of Bobby Ray” – B.o.B

If you’ve never taken my advice on any of the artists I’ve ever mentioned on this site, I beg of you to heed my advice this go-round. After four years of touring, recording, and spreading his message of individuality in the music industry, Atlanta MC B.o.B’s debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray has arrived in stores today!

Adventures is chock full of auditory goodies for the music lover whether you’ve been a Bobby supporter from jump or just recently discovered his music thanks to his number one single, “Nothin’ On You” featuring Bruno Mars, OR his number two single, “Airplanes” featuring Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Oh yeah, it’s like that. Bob’s got something for everyone on this: hood tracks that’ll get you hype (“Bet I” featuring T.I & Playboy Tre), Top 40-quality music (“Magic” featuring River Cuomo, “Don’t Let Me Fall”), and songs dedicated to the ladies (“Lovelier Than You”, “Letters From Vietnam”).

With additional appearances by fellow tourmate Lupe Fiasco, Janelle Monae, Eminem and more, B.o.B has surely cemented his spot in the rap game which could never be filled by any other newcomer because of his unique style. Armed with his guitar, a mic, and his thoughts, B.o.B is sure to capture hearts across the country and worldwide.

So again I say, won’t you take my advice and cop that The Adventures of Bobby Ray, which is in stores right now? I recommend purchasing the Target deluxe edition…BUT if you can’t make it to the store, trusty iTunes carries the same deluxe version as well, which is packed with two bonus tracks, the “Nothin’ On You” video, and an interview with Bobby Ray himself. It’s very insightful and a great visual to have.

Support quality artists with quality music by buying the music. We have history to make, folks!

The Adventures of Bobby Ray – B.o.B [PURCHASE]

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