TV: “Entourage” Season 7 Begins June 27th

If you know me, you know that I’m an HBO slore when it comes to one show: Entourage. I love my guys so much, I can’t even pick a favorite! So you can imagine my extreme relief when I heard that the show’s seventh season shall commence for my [and your] viewing pleasure on June 27th.

With Lloyd back to working for Ari as an agent this go round, Eric engaged to Sloan, and Turtle starting over as a single man [again], I have no idea what this season may hold for me, but I’d love for HBO to make it last forever. Earlier last year, I heard that after this season, an Entourage movie will be in the works and in true HBO series fashion, it will signal the end of the show.

I’m extremely sad that all my shows are leaving me, but I’ll be lined up outside the theater when this comes out. For now, I’ll focus on the positive: my guys coming back to my via my television this summer.

Check them out if you’ve never seen the show before; it’s great, I truly believe Hollywood is depicted pretty accurately through these five guys.

Props for deets: Buddy TV

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2 thoughts on “TV: “Entourage” Season 7 Begins June 27th

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  2. PrettieBirdie says:

    Entourage is one of my brother’s favorite shows…they’re mad funny, lol!

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