COMMENTARY: Paint His Name Black? Not On Our Watch

Time for another edition of theCOOL Commentary, and this one is a doozy.

Once again, Chris Brown has been caught slippin’ by a radio station as he voiced his disdain for Virginia radio station Q94’s lack of support of his music on their airwaves – a battle he’s been fighting since his third album Graffiti dropped last November due to his personal troubles.

We all know what that was, so there’s no need to rehash the details.

HOWEVER, that seems to be exactly what the media is doing with no remorse whatsoever. I mean, even a toddler stops picking at a scab at some point. With radio and other media outlets playing the judge in this never-ending social trial Brown has undergone, it leaves me to wonder: how far is too far for the public to take this moral experiment on a celebrity who is just on their lone offense?

Americans love to point the finger, so when you couple this practice with our frightening obsession with public figures, you have a true recipe for disaster. It gets to the point where these celebrities are used as pet projects for showing citizens how NOT to live…but then you backdoor and praise them for their fashion sense and philanthropic efforts.

The SECOND they slip up and make a mistake, the country crucifies them and pretends that all the praise they’d given them before never happened. It’s a horrible way to be, and the backlash always pulsates with so much hate that it makes me want to move to Europe where this frivolous genre of a “hobby” America indulges in ceases to exist.

Chris Brown has paid his debt to the proper channels: the state of California. He’s doing his community service without complaint and going beyond what’s been assigned to him before it was placed on him because he knows the ramifications of what he’s done. The courts are supposed to handle legal battles, and last I checked all these radio programmers, entertainment reporters, and psychologists did not attend college for law.

Am I missing something because if I am, please provide me with proof so that I may issue my apology. Until then, what the media can do is focus on more positive things that the world should actually be caring about and let this young man get back to making the living he’s chosen to make using the talents he possesses.

Who are you [the media] to take away someone’s livelihood? This has gone far enough, and someone honestly needs to do something about this because carrying out a personal vendetta against someone who committed a crime against another person (NOT THE ENTIRE COUNTRY) is wrong and it’s really getting old now.

And to radio: don’t try to bitch up and say that his music isn’t fitting the format of your station because we all know Graffiti has plenty of genre-crossing material to where something can be played on the air. Try to salvage what little relevancy you have left and do the right thing.

You know you’re blasting the album in the privacy of your homes, anyway. Don’t be shy; lift that voice and sing, honey.

But hey, I’m just sayin’.

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3 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Paint His Name Black? Not On Our Watch

  1. PrettieBirdie says:

    Yuuuhsss! Steph this is exactly what I’ve been feeling! I love Chris….I don’t in any way approve of what happened on the side of both parties but when can we just let that be? He has done more than enough and continues to do things to show his deep remorse for his actions. He is a young man that made a mistake and it’s just wrong for him to be blacklisted because of this. Let’s get back to the music, which we know he’s gifted in. When is enough enough, and he able to move on with his life? It really just isn’t fair. The media is being way to judgmental and harsh by continuing to not play his music or not sell his cd’s…I mean really? The boy can’t even half way breath for fear that he is going to be ridiculed or judged. That isn’t fair to him at all. I just really wonder how these people think it’s ok for them to continue to judge him? It’s like they want him to just stop living life and stop having a career. There comes a time when we need to let people move forward in their lives. I want the person that hasn’t done ANYTHING wrong in their life to be the first one to keep talking about Chris. Oh what’s that I hear? Nothing? Yeah I thought so! Instead of continuing to tear him down we should lift him up and help him through this difficult times. I love you Chris and you’re music! There will always be people out there that support you!

  2. Tasha J says:

    Love love love this! It’s crazy how these stations are waging a war against him. Yes, he was wrong; he already admitted it and trying to move. There is a big difference in supporting his actions and supporting his music. A BIG DIFFERENCE! I can bet that there are some people who had done worse things than he did and yet are still condemning. Get off your high horse and reexamine your own morality (or lack thereof) and stop judging.

  3. hoibiaPhabe says:

    thanks! 🙂

    lets write them until the admit it, or stop doing it! i am writing them now!


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