INTERVIEW: COMPLEX x KID CUDI – The Proud Papa Who’s “Unfuckwittable” And Taking No Prisoners On “The Legend Of Mr. Rager”

In the October/November issue of Complex Magazine, Kid CuDi fills us in on how he’s been doing over the past year and it includes everything from cocaine usage to his new baby daughter. Yep, seems that Mr. Rager has been plenty busy but his confidence level hasn’t faltered nor has his acknowledgement of other rappers talking shit.

This means you, Wale.

In response to the DC rapper’s “Thank You” freestyle where he referenced an altercation CuDi had with a fan last year, he had this to say:

It wasn’t a shot, it’s just a simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper. You can’t let that shit faze you. That’s one of those raps that just shows the world that you wack. Why would you even use that as a metaphor? Everybody think they Hov. Niggas ain’t got the magic like they think they do; there’s only a couple of wizards in this game. I’m a wizard and I know it.

Twitter went into a quick tizzy over this gauntlet being thrown and Wale had this to tweet:

#shoutout to everybody tryn they hardest to go in on me, u can’t say nuffn bout me #NT aint already said. I’m wack? Who tol u radio? Oh, ok

Honestly, I like Wale’s stuff and I’m down with the Rager movement but I don’t really see this going too far as an official “beef”. From the article, it seems like CuDi is in rare form and ready to go out there and be himself. If you step into his path, though, there may be a problem.

People have always called Cudder an emo rapper but I think they’re just missing what he’s putting out there. “Emotion is what hip-hop thrives on. Don’t you want your music to have emotion in it? People like to always throw some negative cloud over it. Doesn’t even make sense.” I couldn’t have said it better myself; just because he isn’t constantly talking about cars, women, and other bullshit that grown ass men shouldn’t obsess over like teenage boys and he chooses to talk about his life experiences and how it affects him, he’s an emo rapper?

Get the fuck OUT with that!

I fuck with CuDi because he’s real and I know his story because I listen to what HE’S told me; I don’t bother with that tabloid shit because the media loves to see a person down then act like they had somethin’ to do with their reemergence and whatnot. I may not have the same issues that he has but I feel him and that’s all that really matters.

Don’t give me nursery rhyme lines and dances that I’ll never do in public –or private– because you’ll get your feelings hurt if you think I’m buying it. Don’t get in this game to sell the most records because you’ll be surprised to find that your shit has to be quality to even sell a little bit.

Do this shit because you love it more than anything else in the world; do it because your story is something that people need to hear and you know somebody out there will benefit from hearing it. Be yourself while you do it, too; it’s sad I have to say that but shit is gettin’ crazy nowadays and my money is starting to stray from hip hop.

Cudder’s got my dub, though.

Open your minds THEN listen; if you still don’t like it, I’ll respect you a lot more afterwards. If it sounds like wrist cutting music to you, your ears are ignorant as fuck.

Joe Le Puma did a bang-up job of capturing Kid CuDi’s essence in this article; head over to COMPLEX to read the full article and cop it when it hits newstands this month!

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One thought on “INTERVIEW: COMPLEX x KID CUDI – The Proud Papa Who’s “Unfuckwittable” And Taking No Prisoners On “The Legend Of Mr. Rager”

  1. PrettieBirdie says:

    Well said boo! I can always give props to someone that actually says something in their rhymes. All that superficial I got cars, I got dough, and I bed hot chicks ish is for the birds! That doesn’t move me to do anything but change the station on your wackness, (Not really the station though cause I really don’t listen to the radio but you know what I mean, lol!)

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