COMMENTARY: IF IT WERE ME – “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” – The Singles

First off, congratulations to the Songbook camp, Atlantic Records, and Mr. Trey Songz for having the #2 album in the country! Selling 244K in the first week is nothing to sneeze at in this broken economy. Yesterday, he had a signing in Jamaica Queens and I had the pleasure of going. I’m no groupie but that man is gorgeous in person! But enough about that; now that Passion, Pain & Pleasure is doin’ big things, this leaves open so many chances to ruin the album’s continued success. Picking the right singles to help enhance what’s been established is pivotal so Atlantic needs to take heed to what I’m about to drop, just in case they wanna hear from a consumer’s standpoint. Worth a shot, right? Here we go again!

  • DO NOT go to the only other collaboration on the album just because it’s the “sensible” thing to do…because it’s not. We all love the work Trey and Drake do together and “Unusual” is the jam but I would stay away from this being a single just because we’ve seen them together numerous times. Despite popular belief, that shit can get old.
  • DO *mumbles* go for the sensual track. I mumble that because songs about sex are fine and dandy but not what makes or breaks anything for me personally. I strongly feel within me that “Love Faces” WILL be a single just because it’s the only other song mentioned amongst the existing singles in the advertisements. The song’s not bad; it’s been a week and it’s grown on me so I wouldn’t be completely disappointed. It’s part of the formula, right?

  • DO go for the novelty track. Something like “Red Lipstick” or “Doorbell” offers an opportunity to exactly portray what the song entails and fans place visuals to songs like that almost immediately after the first listen. Of course I’m partial to “Doorbell” so I’m crossing my fingers that it gets the charts treatment.
  • DO touch on the “baby come back” market. Men screw up all the time; let’s be frank, and there’s nothing like having an anthem to play for your woman for those times when her bags are packed and placed neatly by the door. “Made To Be Together” is PERFECT for that.
  • DO a viral (if possible). I’m not sure if a song like “You Just Need Me” is strong enough to be a chart topper but if the video was done the right way, people would definitely gravitate to it. I’m seeing a “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” concept for this one: exploring NYC after hours to show a woman who’s been let down far too many times how life could be. I’d love to see that out of Trey since it’s different. Let’s aim for different, Atlantic.

If the label follows any of these methods, I’m sure Passion, Pain & Pleasure will continue to fly off shelves worldwide and could be Trey’s history making album to date. We can only hope.

Don’t fuck this up, Atlantic.

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One thought on “COMMENTARY: IF IT WERE ME – “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” – The Singles

  1. PrettieBirdie says:

    Yes Atlantic please don’t Eff this up for Trey or any of us for that matter. I promise Steph you are like my long lost sister, lol!! Glasses and all! You are so on point with this. It does seem inevitable that Love Faces will be a single but Unusual shouldn’t be one….def something like Made to be together….There is so much that they could do if Red Lipstick or Doorbell became a single also….the marketing for that could be bananas and they could maybe even get Red Lipstick used in a makeup ad. Also the video for that could be soooo dope! I’m seeing black and white….and You just need me with a Nick and Norah’s type feel to the video would be perfect! I mean they really should hire us, lol!!

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