LISTEN: “Hang With Me” (Acoustic) – Robyn

If the name Robyn sounds familiar, you may have heard of her from her quick performance at this year’s VMAs off the strength of her dance hit, “Dancing On My Own” or you could know her from her 1997 pop hit “Show Me Love”. I was a lowkey stan for her back then so I was thrilled when she’d emerged once again from across the pond.

“Hang With Me” has two versions: the dance mix that is included in her Body Talk Pt .2 album released this year and the acoustic version that originally came out a few months prior. The dance version is bomb and I do love it but this acoustic one played at my job for hours on end and I never got tired of it. Get into Robyn, people; her voice has always knocked me out!

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2 thoughts on “LISTEN: “Hang With Me” (Acoustic) – Robyn

  1. PrettieBirdie says:

    Her voice is amazing and the song is so pretty. I love it!

    Oh and I love the new layout boo! It’s the! I’m also proud of you doing your thing…working to get artist interviews and the whole twitter page for theCool….the movement has begun 🙂

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