Yo, I wanna start by saying that NYU is a bitch ass campus and the people who work there are discourteous as ALL hell! So glad I never went there. After getting bullshitted on the tickets for this event, me and my girl Tiff hit up Big Sean’s road manager, Dilla, about getting on the list he and Sean make up for each show. After buggin’ the hell out of him, we get hooked up BUT NYU’s people say that the shit is bogus and they’re not honoring it. BULLSHIT! Dilla comes out and we call him over to let him know that they’re not letting us in even after he gave JANE (the angry chick who needed a damn drink or somethin’ to relax her damn nerves) the list he had, due to fire code regulations. The venue was oversold in the first place; how the fuck do you sell 400 tickets for a spot that only holds 150 people? Stop having so many hands in the pot and you’ll be all right [smh].

Anyway, the 007 mission breaks out and Dilla was determined to get us in so with the help of a great security dude (never got his name but THANK YOU!) and after bobbing and weaving through the back areas of the school…WE GOT IN THERE! Dilla is the man and our new best friend, I swear. He hooked us up. Now on to the show:

It seemed like a talent show type situation because it was scheduled from 8-10PM but Big Sean literally didn’t go on until about 9:50. We were just glad to be in there though, honestly, so we dealt with the acts but they were actually pretty okay. I may have to look up a couple guys for features and such. Finally Dilla gets on stage and sets shit up which means Sean was comin’ out! I was hyped but the dudes in there were HYPED! I felt like I was at a Trey Songz concert and all his groupies were there; damn shame. Due to my vertical disability and the overly excited niggas, I couldn’t see shit but I was rapping along to shit like “Final Hour”, “Meant To Be”, “My Closet” (SAYITAINTTONE is THAT dude!), “Memories”, “Love Song”, “Fat Raps” (my sister Maiya went IN on that, shout out to her lol), a classic fan favorite “Supa Dupa”, and so much more.

I got my LIFE when the beat for “Supa Dupa Lemonade” started to play and my Drizzy right hand was turnt all the way up as I rapped every single word at the top of my lungs. Love that damn song. The show was super tight; Big Sean is mad small in person but we all knew that [lol no shade, though!]. He’s a cool dude who cares about giving a quality show; when the sound was messing up, he kept rapping and since we were going in too it was all good. He did make Dilla go back and restart “Supa Dupa” because…well, you have to. His mom was there and she was cute, rapping along and bobbin’ her head. Cool moms. The show was over and we were about to go look for Tiff since we’d split up after we got in but then Sean announced that he would chill with us for a minute after he talked to his mom and put his shirt back on [lol].

We went over and spotted Dilla and had to thank him for doing all he did to get us in; other assholes would be have like “WELP, guess you’re shit outta luck. Have a nice life”, but Dilla did us a solid and we appreciated that. We got hugs and everything then he asked if we were staying to talk to Sean. Of course me and Maiya said yeah! Everybody swarmed to that little ass space once Big Sean came out but he kept cool, signing hats, XXL magazines and ticket stubs. Once the pictures came into play, the organizers started up a line so everybody could get a turn.

Ol’ girl whom me and my sister nicknamed Sista Souljah was blockin’ like HELL! Givin’ Sean time checks and everything, I was like damn girl calm the fuck down. Big Sean side-eyed her a couple times and kept right on with what he was doing: talking to the fans, signing stuff, and getting information. He never rushed anybody off or said “oh I can’t do that”; this guy is awesome. Time was running out and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get to him (Sista Souljah and her time checks were making me nervous) but the most amazing thing happened…


Pardon my excitement but he’s the first celebrity that I’ve spoken to and gotten a picture with, and he’s SO nice. Mad soft-spoken and gives great hugs [lol], seriously. He asked me if I enjoyed the show and I said yeah and mentioned that Dilla hooked us up by gettin’ us in and he said he was glad it worked out. I went to walk away and Maiya did too since she didn’t wanna upset Sista Souljah by getting a picture with him and she told Big Sean “you’re awesome!” He said “Thank you, I appreciate that” and held his arms out for a hug but she was about to walk away. I’m like oh God, she’s playin’ him right now [lol], so Maiya was like “huh?” Sean said, “oh I wanted to give you a hug” and she was like “OH!” and gave him one. Hilarious.

We said bye and thanks to Dilla again then left, happy as hell!

I honestly never wanna see any of those NYU people in the street because they were assholes but none of the bullshit was Big Sean and his people’s fault so we’re cool. He puts on a great show and is all about the fans so it works out for everyone in the end. Go peep him when he comes to your town and you’ll have a great time, I promise.

Thanks ONCE again to Dilla, Big Sean, and all his people for being so accomodating to me, Maiya, Tiff, and her friend; words can’t express how much we appreciated it.

NYU still on that bullshit, though.

Oh and peep my UNKOMMONKOLOR Warrior Tee I’m rockin’; gotta show love to the guys in Dallas.

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2 thoughts on “EVENTS: BIG SEAN’S “IT’S G.O.O.D. TO BE FAMOUS” – Fuck (NY)U Doin’? BULLSHITTIN’!

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  2. PrettieBirdie says:

    Awww! That’s what’s up Dilla! I’m too happy for you guys! That picture was so adorable! Big Sean is such a cutie!

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