Yo Shad,

What’s good?! I see you out here doin’ it real big; sellin’ millions of albums, sold out shows across the country and a promising career as an actor. You’re just all over the place these days and that’s dope. I see, though, that since JD went off to do his own thing your alter ego, Bow Wow, has been struggling to find his way in the music world. We, as fans, understand that times can be trying as a young adult who has spent their entire adolescence in the entertainment industry. All you’ve known is your entertainer side and any kind of normalcy is fleeting. I completely get that and figure that it must be hard when you see the peers you do have around you leading the kind of life you’re starting to desire more openly.

HOWEVER, peace can be received in alternative ways that have nothing to do with death. I’m sure it was a thought that you happened to throw out there on Twitter but you know better than anyone that that might not have been the wisest choice.

Normalcy is a funny request for a celebrity to ask for because when it comes right down to it, no one can readily handle a 180 in their lifestyle because the thought of that becoming a reality is so unlikely. People normally are all talk when it comes to that topic; the general public wishes for fame and fortune while the entertainers long for a life filled with normal things because they think it’ll be less stressful.

Life in general is stressful, no matter what your social status is. Life is also what you make it and only you have the power to change things when you don’t like what’s going on. Forget other people’s expectations and stop feeling obligated to please others just to get a little shine out here. In the end, they run over you because they can since you’ve allowed them to for so long.

As for your case, Shad, I recommend that you take three steps back and decide if you really want to continue with your career. You’re at an age where life is most vibrant and a point in your career where things could go either way: you could continue and make more records or you could fall back and feel your future out from an outsider’s point of view.

Instead of figuring that death will bring peace, LIVE to find the peace you seek. If you weren’t meant to go this far in life, you wouldn’t have. Trust.


Take Care,

Stephanie W.

I took it easy on Bow because of the “wishing he was dead” thing. Suicide is no joke and with everything that is going on with our youth these days – celebrities and teenagers alike – it wouldn’t be right to make light of the situation.

HOWEVER I will say that all these celebrities that cry “I wiah I was like yall that don’t have to make appearances, dodge paparazzi, and can see your families more often” need to think that through. You can’t be normal anymore because you’ve decided to pursue your dream of being a pubic figure and after a while, you’ve officially reached the point of no return. If someone took away your status, fortune and threw you in a middle class situation complete with a 9-to-5 and debt out your ASS…you’d be begging to have your life back in a heartbeat. The same can be said for those who think having money will solve all our problems. Judging from the stuff celebrities have been going through as of late, that conclusion doesn’t seem too accurate.

Don’t aspire to be famous cause people do some grimy shit to have their name in somebody’s paper just because they think it’s cool to be known for something. Be picky about what you’re known for, people. Hollywood is a bitch and she’ll fuck you until you’re rocking back and forth in a corner chanting incoherently, “I just want it to be over”. Don’t do it to yourselves, folks.

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5 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: A LETTER TO – Shad Gregory Moss

  1. @Talonarene says:

    Agree,I would never trade my normal life for the fame.I feel for “Shad”. He’s human just like the rest of us and to see how some people responded to his tweet is just CRAZY! I don’t think he literally wishes he was dead,people took the tweet the wrong way.I think he feels like he isn’t getting the respect he deserves in the hip hop world which is a messed up situation when you’ve put all you have into what you do and dedicated your whole life to something you love and have a deep passion for and in return people look at you like your a joke.It’s a fucked situation.I hope he’s okay and he does find peace of mind…

  2. Vivie Farmer says:

    All I’ve got to say to Bow Wow is “Have a seat sir! Or go on vacation!!” I’m not even gonna TOUCH the “Aint Thinking About You” remake or whatever that bubbling mess was!smh but I think he put too much pressure on himself!Being in YM isnt easy but I think he’s not doing all he can to get that shine. I think he’s resting on past accomplishments and relying on the YM name to boost him up and gain him respect to “Lil Bow Wow” behind him and emerge as “Bow Weezy:” or whatever he calls himself. I think failing to do that, he’s gotten a little depresssed. Do I think he really wants to move back to Ohio n work at wherever?NO!That’s where he needs to sit!We all know that he wouldn’t trade in his life of fast cars,clubs, and even faster women to work a 9-5 and still not being able to keep his head above water!I don’t even think he remembers what it’s like to struggle!But I digress, I think he needs to take some time and stop showing us flashy “Bow Wow” and give us “Dhad”. If he wants the world to respect him and his feelings, and at the same time accept who he is I think he needs to give us, as fans/supporters/whatnot, a glimpse into who SHAD MOSS is. And if all else fails, get a reality show!It worked wonders for Ray J

  3. Slindile says:

    Im with you @Talonarene i honestly feel for him.

    Haters are gon hate. Haters be hating on everybody BOW and bLoggers are part of the deal. Just stay focused on you, your fans/groupies and all the people that make your happy.

    Believe me you got it good, some people still wanna live and they got zero, they would even kill to be where you are and have haters.

    We love you man, just stay strong.

    BC FAN **South Africa**

  4. PrettieBirdie says:

    Awwww Bow I wish I had the energy right now to really go in like I want to, but I don’t. He just needs to figure out what he wants. What’s the best move for him and him only. Does he really feel the need to put music out? Just because you don’t put music out mainstream, doesn’t mean you have to stop doing it. It can always be a creative outlet for him. He just needs to really figure out his next move and where he wants it to lead him. He has struggles because it comes with his career. Everyone has them if your alive. They key thing is how you handle them. So I challenge him to handle it like a man and it will all work out and you might get some respect out of it.

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