Dear Usher,

Hello. Hope all is well. Yeah, okay, so we peep how you’re shittin’ on Trey right now and we are not amused. Let’s be real: your time is running out and you feel threatened by Trey because he’s taken the route that could garner him the Marvin Gaye/Donny Hathaway category placement sooner than you since you’ve been poppin’ and lockin’ since you were a young tyke. We get that you’re getting older and those knees of yours may not be bending like they used to but that’s no reason for you to sabotage the connection another artist has with their fans.

Trey looks out for his fans and wants to meet them in every location, just like you’re charging astronomical amounts of money for your fans to do.

You know what, though? It’s cool. We don’t wanna set foot in your funky ass environment anyway. Your show’s gonna suck because techno doesn’t sound as good on you as it does on Chris Brown. Yeah, I said it and I’ll say it again. You should start singing standards because the clock is ticking on your career.

Your methods are greasy as hell and no matter how much you may try to deny it, we ALL know that you’re being a hater by not allotting Trey the time and opportunity to greet the fans who plan on seeing him. If you didn’t want anyone around you, you should have just made it a damn one night only type show and perform for two and a half hours by your damn self. Oh wait, your lungs can’t handle all that. My bad.

Karma is a spiteful bitch, and this may not be a big deal to you but just know that as the elder in this situation (and most other situations, except those involving the opposite sex. Oh, I went there), you should be big enough to not make this such a big deal. It’s fine though.

I haven’t heard anything about shows selling out yet so maybe it’s starting to kick in already. Have fun huffin’ and puffin’ on stage, Old Man River.


Stephanie W.

Nigga should get clipped in the street for being so fuckin’ ridiculous and unreasonable. Who the FUCK are you, nigga? You’re one greatest hits compilation away from a desk job at a label; get the fuck outta here. OMG that, my nigga.

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5 thoughts on “COMMENTARY : A LETTER TO – Usher Raymond

  1. So what did he do? Deny Trey access to his fans? Why would he do that? Trey always greets his fans? Did Trey come out and say something about it too? I’m hardly keeping up with the joneses anymore … yes i said joneses -___- … Trey just needs to step back from touring with big artists on major ego trips like Usher tho.

  2. Kryswithak says:

    Oh my word!!! What has this guy gone and done now? I definitely had to refrain from purchasing those tickets. <_< He got me FUCKED. UP. He was charging more than Jay was. He need to sit his ass down somewhere. But no seriously….what's the back story?

    • stephthecool says:

      Trey’s site and Angela Yee have put it politely that there will be no M&G opportunities for his fans due to conflicting somethin’. Basically, Usher’s being a bitch and won’t show love beyond having Trey on the tour so Trey and the label has to get creative about how he’ll be able to treat his fans throughout the tour. Shit is a bitch move and I have no respect for Usher whatsoever. How spiteful can you damn be?!

  3. Tiffany says:

    LMFAOOOOOO! I LOVE IT.. forget usher wit his old tired ass dance moves he been doin from 8701, my way, and nice and slow… he’s just a hater who sees his time is ticking… *looks at clock* times almost up.. i give this nigga 5 more minutes before he explodes into dust… crusty ass…

  4. PrettieBirdie says:

    Steph!! You were clearly pissed with good reason. I do love Usher and I always have and I always will. It further was solidified when me and my friends got to party with him in Miami. He was mad nice and gave me his expensive drink….but with that being said. I can not condone his behavior towards Trey. I don’t know if it’s Usher personally, or his label but that whole thing is ridiculous! It makes no sense to not let him greet his fans. They paid those high prices for the show just like your fans so why shouldn’t they be able to see Trey. It’s sad and it makes you look bad. I was so ready to hit this concert up, but when I saw those prices….I was done. I’ll be waiting for Trey to come back around next time cause those prices are personally bending people over. I’m good on all that, lol!

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