LISTEN: “Boing” – Chris Brown

The first leak off of Chris’ follow up to his Valentine’s Day mixtape In My Zone 2, here is “Boing” for your listening pleasure. Interesting title for sure.

“Boing” – Chris Brown [DOWNLOAD]

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2 thoughts on “LISTEN: “Boing” – Chris Brown

  1. Okay, when I first saw the title, I was like WTF … Boing? Really? Oh.

    Then I listened to it and laughed at the random uses of Boing in the song and how it was said.

    Then the beat changed midway thru the first verse and I fell in love. I like when beats change. I like variety. Good variety in a single song.

  2. PrettieBirdie says:

    Boing! Yes Chris! Do it boy! I’m digging this…it strangely makes me think of Trey, and not just because of the sexual innuendo…hmmm I don’t even really know why, lol. I’m feeling it though. Chris is just so yummy, lol!

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