LISTEN: “Fuck Wit You No More” – Trey Songz

throwback for sure

Maybe Trigga IS back. He just came out the cut with a remix of my jam performed by Dirty Money, “Lovin’ You No More”, but apparently flipped the concept on its ear. Interesting…

“Fuck Wit You No More” – Trey Songz [DOWNLOAD]

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2 thoughts on “LISTEN: “Fuck Wit You No More” – Trey Songz

  1. well, I can truly say that I’ve fell way off and been ran over with the Trey bandwagon months ago. And nowadays i’m reluctant to listen to a Trey song because I no longer trust the music he makes ………. it’s a weird me type of thing. When I see a song by him posted somewhere, I don’t listen to it. I just look over it and it’s not supposed to be this way. BUT … after finally hitting play, I do like this song. It makes me wonder what the rest of his mixtape thing gon be like. I don’t have time for the foolishness TRIGGA! You gotta work for these slots on my iPod, boo. No more freebees (like before, when I downloaded songs just because he was on them).

  2. PrettieBirdie says:

    I’m definitely downloading that mixtape when it drops. Trigga goes in and for the most part he certainly delivers on his mixtapes. I love the gritter Trey cause he is very clever with is punch lines. I dig this heavily and can’t wait for Let Me Hold That Beat

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