So, if you didn’t know, i work at Urban Outfitters to cushion my pockets. I don’t claim myself to be a hipster by any means, so in the beginning I didn’t get the big deal about the place other than they have some cute stuff. As time went on, I’d come to fully comprehend the epicness that is UO.

Anyway, I’ve been staring this particular jacket down since we got it in a couple months back and FINALLY bought it Friday on sale for $49.99! It’s originally priced at $88 so that was a steal. A word of advice: the stores have been selling out of these consistently, so if you want one don’t sleep. I was mad lucky to find this in a small. Also, on the UO website it’s priced at $59.99 so to save yourself ten bucks just buy it at a retail location.

It fits true to size; I wanted an extra small but after trying the small on, I found exactly what I wanted. It’s very comfortable and warm. I live in New York, so I need all the warmth I can get [lol]. I strongly recommend this purchase if you’re looking for a cute varsity jacket to put your own personal touch to it or just rock as-is. They come in three colors: the maroon, grey, and navy and would be a great addition to your spring wardrobe!

To order online, visit Urban Outfitters website to cop yours or just head to your local retailer because this is an item available exclusively to UO. They so fancy.


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