In this generation, young people have decided not to sit back and let their elders dictate their lifestyle like those who have come before them. This is the age of taking your destiny into your own hands and creating a new sense of self. Those who take action are knighted the leaders of this movement and prove that the future is now.

Chad Koolington, run by a very strong-minded and self assured young man named Cornell, is a clothing line whose mission ties in with the artistic flair today’s youth has. His purpose behind starting the graphic t-shirt line was to feed his need to express himself and represent the folks who also seek a fashionable outlet aside from what many designers think consumers like and want.

I had the opportunity to chat with Cornell earlier this week to get a peek inside the clothing line that is gunning for the spotlight by straying from the norm, and it was a very interesting conversation. Check out what he had to say!

theCOOL: Your graphic tee line is named Chad Koolington; what’s the meaning behind the name?

Cornell: Chad Koolington originally started as this alter ego I created for myself. I used to always road trip to different schools to party and people that I fucked with on those trips would start calling us the “koolingtons” and Chad came from my proper accent. And it just stuck. It gave me a outlet to escape and kinda step outside myself so I figured i would adopt that 4 the line, so wearers could be just as imaginative.

TC: That’s so cool, very inventive. What compelled you to want to start Chad Koolington?

CK: Well, I’ve always lived inside my head, whether it be through poetry, music, or inspiring others I love to find new ways to express myself. I never really been into fashion but I always like to dress different and standout and i figured it was others out there like me whose interests seem to go unnoticed in stereotypical fashion trends, so I wanted to try to exploit that and if not i knew it was worth a shot!

TC: I’ve seen the “Live For The Kool” line and the designs are great, the penguins are my favorite. Is there any significance behind any of the designs?

CK: Well, the whole “Live For The Kool” collection was us basically testing the waters as far as the industry is concerned; the penguin is our logo and the mascot for our brand.  Chad Koolington uses the Emperor Penguin as its logo because this penguin is the strongest and most social penguin there is, surviving exclusively in Antarctica in the coldest conditions. We relate that to life in the sense of wearers of this brand being able to overcome life’s many obstacles regardless of adversity. Chad confidently sports the polka-dotted bowtie to highlight the charm and sophistication of the brand. In addition, he holds a chilled heart to represent a love for all people and most importantly a love for self. We try to make shit that people can, unique young adults like us can relate to!

TC: You’ve kind of answered this al ready but who do you see wearing Chad Koolington? What’s your key demographic?

CK: Chad Koolington was created for “Lovers, Dreamers and the creative individuals whose interests go unnoticed.” We don’t have a specific demographic, I never want you to be able to put Chad Koolington into a box: guys, girls, black, white, brown, and yellow all rock our brand; from our birthplace Atlanta to Cali, New York, Chicago, Minnesota, even a couple folks in Japan rock our brand. We just spark an idea, it’s up to you to take it from there.

TC: Awesome outlook; so many people like to gear things toward a specific group when it’s really not necessary. PEOPLE buy clothes, not a speicfic kind of people.

CK: Exactly; the only thing we have in common is the feelings associated to the things we love.


TC: So very true. With so many graphic tee lines out today, what makes Chad Koolington different from the others?

CK: Like I touched on before, we don’t spend unnecessary efforts trying to force a brand down an person’s throat; we just stay true to our audience and if you like it, rock it. Tell a friend to tell a friend to rock it. If not, don’t and FUCK YOU haha. Our wearers are outcasts anyway, so we don’t mind being overlooked by most so we can be favored and heavily supported by the few who can dig it; that’s why i do this because it’s fun to me. The moment it starts to feel like work, I’ll step away.

TC: What do you see for Chad Koolington in the future?

CK: I see this “secret” that is Chad Koolington will eventually grow and be appreciated on a wider scale. I see Chad Koolington inspiring others to just do them, challenging everything that society deems to be “cool” or trending…We might actually make weird kool lol

TC: lol I feel you; I’m on the track to making REAL geeks cool not those imitations that do it to be cute.

CK: Exactly, it’s all about reaching your level and being cool with that.

TC: Absolutely. So, for any aspiring designers out there, what advice would you give them about starting a clothing line?

CK: Be different. Look at what everyone else out there is doing and go left. Ignore folks that WILL hate and try to shoot down ya dreams, and most importantly whatever you choose the culture of your brand to represent, stay true to that. You can’t compromise that integrity to sell a few more units because once you sell out of that, you’ll have nothing left.

TC: Great advice! What inspires you, whether it deals with the clothing line or just in life in general?

CK: Passion inspires me. The feeling I get when I get a new idea in my head inspires me to work hard to get another creative idea. Who knows? One of those could be the one to change everything! And at the end of the day I just love to inspire others and make people feel good.

TC: Nice! Your current line is entitled “Live For The Kool” and of course this blog is theCOOL; what embodies COOL to you?

CK: Kool is confidence, individuality, and a natural love for self; knowing who you are and being comfortable with it.

TC: Very accurate lol Where can we purchase Chad Koolington?

CK: Currently through our email at; through PayPal services; our official website will be up and running late February at

TC: Cool, cool. All right, sadly, we’ve come to the end of our interview. Are there any final words you’d like to leave our readers with?

CK: I just want to tell all of our supporters thank you, we love you and we promise to value you guys/ I want [to] tell folks to follow us on twitter (@chadkoolington) and make their friends follow too even if they have to hack their accounts! haha Help us grow! Live for the kool.

If you’re a tumblr user, check out Chad Koolington’s page at or visit their blog at Be sure to cop a tee from Chad Koolington for just $20 and get on board for the movement now. Be on the look out for more updates on this budding company including the line’s upcoming mixtape “Fuck Love”, set to release February 15th!

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