Tying in with the celebration of Black History Month, it’s cool that this site has officially opened for all to visit. The Mahogany Life is run by four African American women who have dreams ruling the world by way of music, fashion, and more! The friends – Billie McQueen, theCOOL feature artist Kristen Nichole, Brittney Kee, and Maanami – support each other through their various endeavors and are a great example of black women coming together to build each other instead of tearing each other down.

The concept is dope and it’s great to see women get together with a common interest of being successful through hard work and dedication. Here’s a snippet of what these ladies are all about:

The Mahogany Life is inspired by non-other than the amazing movie staring Diana Ross “Mahogany.”  We hope to inspire other friend groups  with our constant support, positive energy, and determination.  Embark on this new relatable journey with us that has yet to be written. We Eat. Breath. LIVE the MAHOGANY LIFE and we want you to join the movement too!

Head to their site right away and tell your friends to visit as well. Spread positivity and get into these ladies’ path to stardom!

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