I’ve been covering all things FreeLoaders since December of ‘09 and I’ve always wanted to see Blue and Brown do their thing live. I was finally able to fulfill this during SXSW and had the bomb ass time I figured I would have at one of their shows.

As their band, helloeARThlive, set up, Blue gets on stage to feel out the crowd, which was chockfull of folks from their hometown of Dallas, then suddenly Brown appears on the bar and starts breakin’ it down. Hilarious. Blue starts us off with “The Deadly Intro” showing off his hip hop swag then Brown runs up on stage to finish out the song and the show goes from 0 to 60.

Going through their catalog including a couple songs from their forthcoming project, “Get A Life”, the SXSW audience is treated to a hip hop show unlike any they’d ever seen previously. As they performed, both George Young and Brian Blue (of UnkommonKolor fame) were spontaneously pulled onstage to perform (“Favorite” and “Cooler Than Coach K”, respectively). Dope shit, I love stuff like that! During their last song, “8587 (Birthday)” – which is my favorite song and I went IN as soon as the beat kicked up – Blue jumps off stage and gets hype with the people…and shoulder bumps me in the process. HARD. My glasses were crooked on my face but I was still goin’ in then me and Blue rock for a second as he helped me keep my balance. I’m little, so I will fly across the room if I’m bumped too hard. It was all love, though.

Our encore came in the form of fellow Dallas natives ADd+ jumping up onstage to perform “LikeAMug” and they got LOOSE. Ol’ boy’s heel got my left leg somethin’ serious and it still kinda aches…but I’m a G so I didn’t cry or anything like that. I’ve come a long way since my crybaby childhood.

When it was all said and done, the Sore Losers show became the highlight of my stay in Austin and I was appreciative of having the opportunity to support my guys in the flesh for once. They’ll be headed your way soon enough, so be on the lookout and get swagged out when they come around.

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