A lot of people have been getting on Wiz Khalifa for being so open about his relationship with Amber Rose but what is the real issue here? Oh wow, he’s actually claiming his girlfriend in front of the whole world; what a damn tragedy. Men are saying that he’s sprung or just plain doing too much but personally, I think it’s great.

Of course, I’m a girl and we like that kind of shit but everybody should be commending him for doing all this. In a society where men downplay the importance of a woman’s role in their lives, it’s refreshing to see a guy be genuinely excited to be with his significant other. Men could learn a thing or two from this guy.

As for the “Amber is Kanye’s leftovers; he shouldn’t be flaunting her around like that” speech…please spare the fuck outta me with that! Everybody is someone’s ex; the shit is inevitable. Wiz just so happened to fall for one of the greatest producers of all time’s ex. Stranger shit has happened. I kinda think that people fail to remember how sprung ‘Ye was off Amber throughout their courtship. Hell, maybe she has a magic pum-pum that is getting rave reviews. She was in a relationship that was highly publicized and the same is happening now; Only now, Amber seems more like herself. I think that Kanye’s aim was to upgrade her in the process of getting the love and affection he was looking for while Wiz’s aim is to let her be herself and love her accordingly.

All in all, Wiz is having his Tom Cruise jumping on the couch moment right now and we should stop ragging him for basking in the afterglow of love. Hell, at least somebody out there is happy and in love. I hear the couple is engaged and if this is true, I wish them the best.

To all the men out there who are giving Wiz such a hard time about being open about his affinity for Miss Rose, you could learn a thing or two from him. While you’re hassling him on his shit, he’s seemingly satisfied about his situation but YOUR girl is side-eyeing the shit out of your ass because you haven’t paid her the proper amount of attention and in about two seconds, you’ll be alone and wondering why. I mean, what if women went around not claiming their man? I can hear it now:

Woman #1: Hey girl, I heard you was datin’ Darryl now.

Woman #2: Girl, what now? I don’t even know that boy. I sure do wish people would stop lyin’ on me and mine!

Now, if this went down and the boyfriend in question caught wind of this, we all know that ALL hell would break loose but this would lowkey be accepted to the public. Stop the bullshit and let Wiz live.

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