According to, Trey Songz announced yesterday on MTV’s “The Seven” that his fourth single off Passion, Pain & Pleasure album will be the Drake collaboration, “Unusual”. I say, what the fuck?!

I think it’s crazy for Atlantic [Records] to spend money on a video for an album that’s pretty much done for now. Him touring overseas for the extended period of time killed the promotion in the US and now he’s trying to come back and he chooses THIS? Who is running this operation because I’m not getting any of this.

Everyone knows that an album only has a certain amount of time before any and all efforts are pretty much useless. PPP has definitely peaked and he’s got everyone hyped about this album he plans on dropping this year, so why doesn’t Trey just focus on that?

He’s got a performance lined up for the MTV Movie Awards this June…but it’s with Lupe Fiasco on HIS single, “Out Of My Head”. Brotha, as a fan and supporter from your mixtape days, it’s time to hang it up and focus on future projects.

“Unusual” is just “Love Faces” sped up and featuring a rapper, conceptually. That’s my problem with Trey and his label: every album, it never fails that the worthy singles get tossed for the freak nasty shit and he’s being pigeon holed into this sex machine persona. I know he’s better than that and true fans of his knows it too but the point of putting a single out is to attract those who may be on the fence about your music and attract new fans altogether. Some people may not be into that shit; some people like ballads and if you want to join the ranks of R&B legends like Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway and others, you gotta start showing a little more versatility.

I know sex sells, but got damn when will this shit end.

I’m done, literally. I’ve been harboring these feelings since Ready and they keep pushing me to just stop paying attention. I think I’ve hit my breaking point finally. Every single can’t be a ballad, yes, but it doesn’t always have to be about sex either.

Ugh. What do you think, though: do you think that “Unusual” will boost PPP’s sales or is it just a waste of time?

photo credit: DRIZZYDRAKE.ORG

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