So, in the tradition of my “exciting” life in the NYC area I attended the Big Sean album release party/concert which was presented by Adidas and HOT 97. I actually won tickets after entering to win online; I never normally win these things, so imagine my surprise when they called me and said I had FOUR passes for the show. I was geeked.

Then came Tuesday.

I got a late start and ended up arriving at the venue at 7:!5ish. Of course it was wrapped around the building but that kind of thing doesn’t deter me. I won the tickets, I paid money for the train, so I was determined to see a show! Time passed and eventually my guests joined me in line and it got closer to the 9PM start time with us hardly moving forward. Once it was past 9, I started to worry that there was a slight chance that I may not get in due to fire code regulations.

I literally had not set foot inside the venue until 10:13PM after all that waiting. Did I mention that I’d just gotten off from work after being awake at 4:40AM and working until 3:00PM? Yes, I was about that life Tuesday. Apparently, I missed a couple of songs but I wasn’t trippin’ because I didn’t pay for the tickets, so I wasn’t going to complain. Yes, I had work the next morning but this is what a fan does:

They stand there and endure strenuous conditions all in the name of their love for the artist.

I got in and of course every other attendee stood at a healthy 5’11” or better, making it hard for my 5’2” self to see anything. Case in point, I caught a glimpse of Big Sean’s orange jacket and swore he was wearing a varsity jacket. I saw pictures later on…it was a blazer.


Anyway, I got to hear him thank the audience profusely for their support and love over the years of his come-up in between songs like “Gang Bang” sans Wiz, “Too Fake” (which welcomed an appearance by rapper/producer duo Chiddy Bang), “Supa Dupa Lemonade” (my all-time favorite song to jam to live; I turn into an MC every time the beat drops), and other mixtape gems as well as tracks featured on his upcoming album: fans sang along to songs like the unofficial strip club clip of the summer, “Ass”, “High” – the Wiz Khalifa assisted track, and of course “Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay” featuring his boss Kanye West.

As soon as “Let’s Get It On” began to play, I told my friend Tiff “‘Ye’s about to come out.” Mr. West has been hitting the NYC media circuits with Sean as he promotes his album and has had kind words for an artist that many felt in the beginning he’d put off unjustly. I see it as Kanye was showing this young man how the business truly works and that you have to keep the spot you earn.

Gettin’ on is the easy part compared to staying on.

Anyway, ‘Ye was barely recognizable to me (from the pictures I saw and the glimpse of his outfit I caught because of course I still couldn’t see!); he looks like he’s been eatin’ good in every neighborhood he’s been in lately. I haven’t seen the chipmunk cheeks so prominent on his face since The College Dropout era. A few people around me didn’t know it was him at first either, but I think that was because they were in a zone or just not paying close enough attention.

Big Sean brought his right hand man, SayItAintTone, out to perform his single “My Closet” – the video has dropped earlier that afternoon – and also brought labelmate Pusha T out for a performance. I somewhat had my hopes up for a CyHi Da Prince appearance; that guy cracks me up and his rhymes are pretty dope too, but my feelings weren’t too hurt because it was a great night overall.

My highlights – besides Kanye, of course – were his performances of “Memories” and “My Last”. “Memories” is always fun because he gets nostalgic before he performs it, telling an anecdote about his ninety-one year old grandmother and how her perspective on things is completely different from his because they’ve lived in two totally different times. It’s pretty funny to hear about and “Memories” hits a special place in my heart because it’s so real, so I have to show it all the love I can.

“My Last” is just an epic ass song altogether. The production is just BIG, so you feel big when you hear it, like you can accomplish anything in this world and live by the words in the song. The message is dope and I’ve always dug this song for that.

The night wasn’t a bust; I enjoyed myself and my patience won out, so I didn’t have to go in on anyone. That’s always a good thing.

Be sure to purchase Finally Famous when it drops on Tuesday June 28th! Shout out to RapDose for the full stream of the concert; I can finally see without anyone obstructing my vision. If you’d like to see pictures from the show and backstage, head over to for those exclusives!

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