We’re about five hours away from the official release of YMCMB’s pride and joy DRAKE’s sophomore album, TAKE CARE, and COMPLEX MAGAZINE (my future workplace) dropped their cover story on the successful rapper today via their website. It sure is a doozy and chockfull of great info:

  • Drake’s doing shit his way this go-round, even by choosing his own photographers for the magazine’s cover shoot – HYGHLY ALLENYE and LAMAR TAYLOR, who also shot the album booklet photos;
  • He’s not a killer … but don’t push him;
  • SERENA WILLIAMS sure does tickle his fancy … how often she tickles it remains to be seen;
  • Toronto will always get hometown love from the OVO crew because that’s what homegrown boys do

He explains a few things, glosses over one or two factions, and (of course) inadvertently gets you hyped for TC. DAMIEN SCOTT did a bang up job on the article and shout out to Hyghly and Lamar because they definitely did their thing with the photography for the shoot.

Hit it HERE to read the article and keep it clicked to QT for my TAKE CARE review, which will be up in a short!

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