Everybody’s raving over the release of Drake’s “Take Care”, but the same-day release of CHILDISH GAMBINO’s “Camp” has been making its own noise this week and rightfully so. DONALD GLOVER, actor/comedian/rapper extraordinaire – unleashes his rhyming alter-ego onto the world on a larger scale in this 13-track album released by GLADSTONE RECORDS.

Ever since he dropped the video for “Freaks and Geeks” early this year, Gambino’s been an artist to watch and “Camp” makes good on that declaration. His wordplay is ridiculous and he’s even venturing down the Drizzy avenue with harmonizing on his own hooks. What makes him different from the other rappers who’ve tried this feat?

It works on him, especially on “Kids” – probably my favorite song off the album.

The concept of the music providing the soundtrack to an ambitious and active stint at summer camp is great and the spoken word at the end of “That Power” is a great way to close out an awesome piece of work.

To put it plainly, Childish Gambino is awesome and Donald Glover is hilarious; so hilarious, he’s even got his first televised stand-up comedy special premiering on COMEDY CENTRAL Saturday night that you should check out after you cop this album on iTunes.

I wouldn’t steer you wrong, obviously.

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