It is my life’s joy to attend a live show and in 2011, I definitely had my fair share of concerts. From Diddy-Dirty Money to Wiz Khalifa; Kid Cudi to Chris Brown, I’ve been a part of diverse crowds who screamed, drank, and got on my DAMN nerves all in the name of great musicianship. I can’t name them all because it would take forever to do so, but I will share a couple of my favorites:

+ CHIP THA RIPPER x KID CUDI @ ROSELAND BALLROOM [4/21/11]: Going to a concert in the city during Spring Break will ALWAYS be a bad idea but for Mescudi, I endured the drunken tweens whose parents should not have allowed them that freedom and had a bomb ass time regardless. Chip was awesome and Cudi was ON, performing nearly all my favorite songs from both his studio releases and hyping everyone up the entire night. His set was nice and long, which is sadly becoming a rarity in concerts and I was beyond appreciative of him caring enough to put on a great show. That was my second time seeing him live and it can be confirmed that I will always make an effort to hit any concert with Kid Cudi as the headlining artist.

+ CHRIS BROWN @ NASSAU COLISEUM [9/30/11]: Despite me being a fan, I’ve never seen Chris Brown in an arena tour – my first time seeing him was at the House of Blues in Houston two years ago. This concert was special because I was able to take both my sisters to their first CB show. I have to say that, in lieu of having the worst floor seats known to man, we had a bomb ass time. He’s an entertainer and it was proven that night; I can’t really form words to describe it because it’s one of those things that you have to go to in order to fully comprehend its epicness. Yes, it’s that serious. Go see Chris Brown on his next tour then report back to me.

+ SXSW 2011 [3/16-3/21/11]: You see those initials a lot on my blog but that’s because I live for what this music festival brings to my music library after I leave Austin; plus, Austin is just a dope city to visit and I highly recommend that everyone visit it at least once. From seeing Big Sean perform with his homie Say it Ain’t Tone to standing two feet from Bun B at Nice Kicks for his birthday celebration, Austin gave me its all in just a few days. The Cool Kids, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Freddie Gibbs, Sore Losers – my mind was exploding from all that awesomeness. Exploring a town enriched in creativity just adds to the experience. If you’re able to, you should absolutely hit the festival and see what it’s all about.

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