Here at QUiRK TALES!, we’re all about supporting small businesses – especially small businesses who make dope shit that we can rock on the regular. I’ve had the privilege of tracking some great clothing lines this year; here’s a quick recap of that!

+ CHAD KOOLINGTON: This line, created by CORNELL LA’FLARE, was my first interview for the blog so I’ll always be appreciative to CORNELL for allowing me to share his story with my readers. I love penguins and I love t-shirts, so it was obviously love at first sight for me and the CHAD KOOLINGTON line. Its message was dope and poignant to the upcoming generation who is all about expressing themselves through their style, which is undefined by previous designers. Not targeting a specific demographic, CK strives to get consumers to essentially embrace the “fuck it” factor within – so to speak. Raheem DeVaughn and CyHi Da Prince rock CHAD KOOLINGTON, so fall in line and don’t miss out.

+ ILTHY: Cleveland’s known for producing extraordinary rappers and a basketball phenom; however, that isn’t all that the city has to offer. ILTHY’s cartoon designs of popular pop culture fixtures combined with a t-shirt quality that is comparable to the softest of pillows was enough to catch my attention this spring and I never regretted that purchase. The end of 2011 found the clothing line opening their very own flagship store, which is major for any budding clothing line. If I’m ever in Cleveland, I’m definitely stopping by to check Glen and the guys out. Here’s to a successful 2012 and beyond!

+ DEADLINE LTD: Upon seeing spokeswoman SEIKO HUFFMAN in a Muhammed Ali crewneck, I had to research this garment and who it came from, so I could act accordingly and cop it ASAP. Unfortunately, the sweatshirt was sold out but I was introduced to DEADLINE LTD and haven’t looked back since. From “The Godfather” references to body outlines available in assorted colors, DEADLINE is all about the real and keeping it exactly that at all times. Ran between L.A. and New York City, their style is skater meets the streets – a concept brought together by the line’s co-owners Junbug and NA – and has prospered this year with celebrity endorsements by MISTAH FAB, WAKA FLOCKA, and NIPSEY HUSSLE to name a few. 2012 will only be better and bigger – I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll see NA and the guys down in Austin!

+ UNKOMMONKOLOR: This Dallas clothing line has controlled my life for at least the last two years and I am not angered by this at all. I met Bryan Blue and Jeremy Biggers – the co-owners of UNKO – (you guessed it) in Austin at Nice Kicks and was thrilled to see the coolest guys in Texas who have been responsible for upgrading my graphic tee game. The brand’s representatives and their love for art, photography, and music makes them dope and at this point, it isn’t a question of whether I’ll support them: it’s how much do I plan on spending when their latest line drops. By the way, UNKO plans on kicking off the new year with something extremely special on January 2nd – don’t miss out. Have those funds readily available to cop some dope shit because it will be dope.

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