As usual, my opinion on an award show differs from pretty much everyone else’s that I’ve come in contact with but when has that ever not happened to me? Let’s dig right in:

  • LL COOL J’s prayer for Whitney was endearing and I’m glad that’s how the night started off – after BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN slayed the stage in the name of his own fallen bandmate CLARENCE CLEMONS.
  • I liked that they didn’t forget about ETTA JAMES in the midst of such recent tragedy and paid tribute to her by having ALICIA KEYS and BONNIE RAITT perform “SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE”; a lot of people were complaining about Alicia lending her vocals but has anyone ever thought about maybe the people they would have liked to see do it instead might have been busy or just didn’t want to? Yeah, that IS a possibility so stop being extra.
  • CHRIS BROWN!! I am just so proud of him and I lit into my followers when they had the NERVE, the BALLS, the UNMITIGATED GALL to get at him for lip-syncing “BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE”! Have you heard all the effects they laced that song with? If he tried to sing that song unassisted by a backing track, that shit would sound horrible but he did sing live on “TURN UP THE MUSIC” just before, but nobody paid that any attention because they had no clue what that song sounded like, which means they aren’t that pressed WHICH MEANS … they should just shut the fuck up. Mmkay? Him winning R&B ALBUM OF THE YEAR was well deserved, although his fellow nominees’ projects were definitely more rooted in R&B than his was and I can’t say his album wholeheartedly deserved it because I never heard the others. I’m thrilled he won, though, because he’s worked hard this year and this was definite vindication for people dismissing him for a situation they had nothing to do with.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the performances by PAUL MCCARTNEY (“MY VALENTINE” might slide into my iTunes, actually) and THE BEACH BOYS with MAROON 5 and FOSTER THE PEOPLE; to see these older gentlemen out here still gettin’ it the best way they know how is dope and people really need to broaden their music library contents and stop being so close minded; there is FAR more to the world than Freestyle Friday (eww) and Travis Porter bangers. Be a little more selective, folks.
  • JENNIFER HUDSON and her tribute to WHITNEY HOUSTON – beautiful. She didn’t overdo it but she did the song justice. It was said that she’d broken down in rehearsals the night before and she paused a couple times during her performance to keep it together, which was completely understandable. That’s what people need to understand: The Grammys caters to every genre in the entire music industry and to rearrange an entire show twenty-four hours before it goes live is complicated, so of course it couldn’t be this huge tribute that everyone wanted to see. Everyone is grieving right now! CHAKA KHAN was said to be performing with Jennifer, but she tweeted that she was in no shape to sing. BRANDY and MONICA didn’t even perform at CLIVE DAVIS’ Grammy gala because they were so distraught: a day wouldn’t change that to where they would be able to perform for millions of people. Their mentor just died after they’d just seen her two days before. I liked how they kept it simple and Whitney’s name and spirit was weaved all through the show.
  • RIHANNA + COLDPLAY = magic, pure magic. I actually was under the impression that Rihanna was just performing “PRINCESS OF CHINA” with Coldplay and that would be it, but they split their performance time and she kicked it out with a rousing rendition of “WE FOUND LOVE”. This biddy was going in and I loved every second of it; she sounded great, she looked great and had a nice two step for all to get into. “Princess of China” sounded better on the album, I will admit but she’d just finished doing choreography and actually singing just seconds before so I get why her vocals were a smidge off. Coldplay’s performance of “Paradise” was great and I thought Chris sounded good but many said the opposite. Whatever; all I know is they were one of my favorite performances of the night.
  • Backing it up a bit to the beginning of the show, I have to tip my hat to BRUNO MARS; I’ve never taken the time out to listen to his album and while he was shut out, his performance gave the show an energy that was much needed. “RUNAWAY BABY” was cute and their wardrobe was cute – I dug it.
  • Many were up in arms about the Grammys not including ETTA JAMES or DON CORNELIUS in the Memoriam portion of the show, but I think this was done because they had separate tributes designated for them. If I’m not mistaken, I don’t think GIL SCOTT-HERON was put in there either, but he was mentioned for receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award earlier in the night. Let’s not be those people, guys; Don was commemorated in a dance genre mash-up that saw the likes of DAVID GUETTA, CHRIS BROWN and LIL’ WAYNE performing “I CAN ONLY IMAGINE” and DEADMAU5 with THE FOO FIGHTERS performing on another stage. I loved this segment and was jealous of every audience member in there; it looked mad fun.
  • Last and far from least, my cousin ADELE. Winning all six of the awards she was nominated for, it’s safe to say that she was the star of the night. God bless the doctor who saved her vocal chords last night so that we may rejoice in the dynamite performance of “ROLLING IN THE DEEP” she gave us last night. What’s so great about her is that she is genuine in all that she does and is so shy, it’s adorable. Her standing ovation almost brought her to tears and the second she was finished with the song, Adele almost yelped and ran away from the mic before watching her musical peers acknowledge her greatness. She’s just awesome; how can you hate Adele?
Of course there were also appearances by TAYLOR SWIFT and how CAN we not acknowledge NICKI MINAJ but I fuss and fight with people so much over them, I just do not have the energy to do it today. I just don’t. The Grammys were great and as far as Whitney tributes go, please know that it is about to be Whitney Week on TV, so have no fear. Besides, there are other award shows coming up who have ample time to pull something amazing together. Let’s just see if they do it justice; leave it up to most people, it’ll never be enough because no one’s ever satisfied with anything. Bah humbug.
Check out some cool pictures of the night below:


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