Everybody (mostly black people) lost their shit when Mary J. Blige’s commercial for Burger King’s latest menu item, the crispy chicken wrap, debuted on the Internet this week. So much so, that the commercial was pulled and poor Mary was forced to apologize for … well, I saw the ad and I don’t know what exactly she had to apologize for. I heard people saying that it set black people back tons of years and why did it have to be the black person singing about food, etc., etc. Yes, I guess if it means that much to you, you have a right to be upset. I thought it was hilarious even though the beat was trash.

Durand Bernarr took it upon himself to remix this jazzy jingle and took it from a “shameful” thirty second spot about a mediocre snack wrap to the full length golden track sent down from Jesus himself. I love that he’s a talented singer and blew Mary completely out of the water with this. Burger King should use his track instead. Check out what I’m talking about; it’s great.

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