You’ve had to have been living under a boulder if you haven’t heard anything about Think Like A Man over the past year: the New York Times bestselling book penned by Steve Harvey that educates women on how to overcome relationship obstacles by presenting them with the mindset of a man was adapted into a star-studded film and though it’s experienced release date delays and slander from the male population, this past weekend was a historical one as it debuted at number one – beating out the box office king The Hunger Games, which was going for a four-week championship title as the country’s favorite.

I’ve owned the book since it came out and yes, I’ve been a silent advocate for what Steve’s putting out. I’ve told people about it, internalized most of the information and got lowkey amped when the announcement of a movie being made was publicized. I was slightly thrown once the laundry list of cast members kept growing; I didn’t know how it was going to be formatted, how everyone was going to fit, and I became worried once the release date started getting changed. I almost lost interest.

However, the marketing buffs behind the film weren’t about to let me and my dollars slip through the cracks. The advertising assault in favor of Think Like A Man was something I hadn’t seen in a GOOD while; I could not get away from these people, no matter how much I wanted to at times. As April 20th grew closer, I started to get excited again because the premise of how the book would be used was becoming clearer. The cast was a great draw: I already was familiar with everyone and their work, so to see them in this realm would be great.

I’ve seen the movie twice – once Friday afternoon with my mom and again the next day because we had to drag my sister with us. When I tell you that I haven’t had a better time at the movies than I did in the two hours I was sitting in theater #6 (twice), please know that I’m being genuine. Think Like A Man was funny, educational, and light-hearted – a movie based on a book that’s caused so much conversation between the sexes needed to be those three things.

So, why should you go see Think Like A Man?

There are still a lot of men and women who had fought adamantly against what Steve Harvey’s book advertises: men don’t want women to know how they operate and women feel that they shouldn’t look to a man on how to get a man. Regardless of any of that, you should see TLAM because it’s a funny movie – even if you don’t believe a thing that any of it advertises, you should see it because it’s funny and you’ll have fun watching these characters go through it in the name of love. Maybe you’re shying away from it because you’re afraid that you may actually see yourself in one of the characters…

People take it so seriously when really the movie is entertaining; no one’s saying that you’re joining a cult by purchasing a ticket and you don’t have to agree with every little thing that is being preached. Without buying the book, you’ll get a healthy dose of what it consists of and everyone will see a piece of themselves in at least one character.

At the end of the day, Think Like A Man is not a movie focused a woman trying to change a man into what she wants him to be; it’s about the men who opt to stop fighting against what they ultimately need as people who are made to love another and the guidelines that coax this epiphany to occur. If you’re not into that, then maybe it’s not for you. Just know that it’s not a chick flick by any means; the men control this movie and they did a great job of doing just that.

Check out this video of the cast members surprising moviegoers across the country and thanking the fans for making Think Like A Man the number one movie in the country. PLEASE know that the black genre of film needs more movies like this because it’s what we relate to; I don’t have a gun-toting, crass grandmother who is ALWAYS into shit, but I do have a heart and good intentions for the person who will eventually earn the rights to it.

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