I can do what I wanna do…

I needed an excuse to post this song then I realized that this is my blog and I’ll do what I want *Cartman voice*. I’ve been sipping from the cup of Bajan Kool-Aid since ’05 and have been unashamed of that since ’07; Her fourth album Rated R is easily my favorite of her collection because it told a story better than every other album she put out. This point is magnified times a million with “Fire Bomb”, a tale of wanting your (former) significant other to feel the same strife they’ve inflicted on you repeatedly. The song’s mad deep and it makes you evaluate your own relationship trials. I know I did after hearing it the first time and it’s one of many songs in the soundtrack of my last break-up (smh yes there’s a soundtrack – don’t get me started)

I want you all to enjoy this with me; I have to say I was elated to see Robbie tweeting lyrics from the song on Twitter last month. This song is epic for so many reasons, and if you don’t understand why then you really don’t have an ear for music. Forget that this is Rihanna singing it; just listen to the lyrics then say something.

Round of a-damn-pplause to the track’s producer Brian Kennedy, James Fauntleroy II and Rihanna for writing this and a special two woots to Makeba Riddick for her vocal production work on this, whew! I just love this song.

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