Oprah doesn’t approve of hip-hop’s colorful language yet she went to Brooklyn to sip quarter waters and talk turkey with this man. Nas threw every insult in the book at him, but was recently quoted as saying hip-hop should be “thanking God” for his existence. My 51 year old mother immediately changes the radio station whenever any form of rap starts to play unless she hears his voice.

Let’s face it: Jay-Z is kind of a big deal out here in these streets. He told us once that he could sell water to a well; then, some may have doubted him but over the years of watching this Brooklyn-bred mogul make power moves one has to believe him.

Starting out with a simple dream to impact the world with his life’s tales equipped with a voice made for storytelling, Jay-Z has managed to flip his rap career into an impressive resume that includes a residency as President of Def Jam Records, a flourishing clothing line in Rocawear, the 40/40 sports club chain, his premier all purpose entertainment company Roc Nation, which boasts a roster featuring Rihanna, J. Cole, Rita Ora, Bridget Kelly, and Meek Mill.  Let’s not forget about him co-owning an NBA team as well. You know a Hov project when you see it because it’s of quality, it’s carefully calculated and – let’s call a spade a spade – it’s successful.

This fall, Shawn Carter is gearing up to make history once again – making September his bitch, pretty much. This week, he announced in Philadelphia that “Budweiser Made In America” would be a two-day music festival featuring twenty-eight acts and a portion of ticket sales going to United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey; with his address book containing such names as Bey(oncé), (Kan)Ye, Rih(anna), Sean (Diddy) Combs, one can only imagine who is slated to appear September 1st and 2nd but one will have to do just that until May 21st when the lineup is announced – and May 23rd to cop tickets.

If that wasn’t enough, Jay’s putting on a concert in his native Brooklyn in honor of HIS Brooklyn Nets starting their 2012-2013 NBA season in Barclays Center on September 28th.  Their move to the borough will never allow you to forget that this is yet another Jay-Z project.

Jay-Z has cultivated a legacy that consists of launching careers, demolishing the barrier between Corporate America and hip-hop, and making classic soundtracks to his journey along the way.

He’s a doting father, dedicated husband, daring businessman, devoted philanthropist, and a dangerous MC. I mean, he has his own lane … already.

Hov did that? I can only hope that we all go through that.

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