In my valiant effort to deprive myself of sleep, this weekend I sat on YouTube and discovered JumpOffTV’s Friday Hip Hop Report Debate series. It consists a panel of hip hop tastemakers who come together to discuss the latest news in hip hop and friendly banter ensues. It’s honestly a more dope version of MTV’s Hip Hop POV but it existed way before MTV decided to put their own panel together.

In watching all 80 videos – I watched about 90% of them – I found this gem and had to share it. Mecca, one of the panelists, came up with this dope philosophy called The Hip Hop Lineage Tree, meaning that every rapper is a “descendant” of one of six MCs based on rapping style, “swag” (REALLY hate that word), and other elements. This shit is beyond brilliant and I’m beyond late but I feel like way more people need to be aware of this, so here it goes:

You guys should tune into these debates anyway because they’re constructive and make sense to people who are educated consumers or have an interest in being one. Subscribe to JumpOffTV and watch out for the latest from these guys. Shout out to Mecca!

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