Hey y’all! I love music and I grew up in a dope time where music videos meant the world to artists. In turn, they meant the world to me, and still do. So much so that I often sit around and think of treatments for some of my favorite songs. With me having this lovely vessel with which I have access to, I figured why not share my ideas with you guys? Hell, maybe the right people will see these and hit me on my Jack! … yeah, so let’s get started but please remember that I am not a director so I’m not up on camera jargon and all that jazz and I can’t draw worth shit so NOOOOO sketches of any of this will ever be seen from these hands, ‘kay? Alrighty then, let’s start with Chris Brown‘s next single, “Don’t Judge Me”…

Blonde CB is needed for this one…

Word Bank: CB->Chris Brown (duh); LL->leading lady; IR->interrogation room

Setting: (main) a smokey, dark interrogation room with a two-way mirror; (secondary) an all-black room with a mic stand and a stool, also black.

I don’t wanna go there…: CB sings line as he stands on one side of the two-way mirror and watches LL be led into the room facing him by a detective

We should never go there…: LL sits down at the metal table as instructed and slightly shakes her head, declining the water the detective offers her; he sets it down near her and smirks menacingly at her as she rubs her bare arms attempting to eliminate the eerie chill that ran through her body suddenly.

Why you wanna go there…: In the mirror, Chris sings as he watches the detective unveil a manilla folder and slide it towards LL

I guess I gotta go there…: LL reluctantly reaches towards the folder, her face resembling the internal struggle she’s been facing since being called to the station at the potential demise of her once happy relationship. Her fingertips rest on the closed folder.

You’re hearin’ rumors about me…: At the detective’s urging, LL opens the folder to see various photos of CB partying with different women at clubs and at other venues, all in compromising venues as CB looks on.

And you can’t stomach the thought of someone touchin’ my body when you’re so close to my heart…: CB sings mournfully, his face resembling the defeat his LL feels as she reacts to the photographs she’s studying before her; the detective looks up and grins devilishly as he knows that CB is watching but hasn’t informed LL of this.

I won’t deny what they’re sayin’ because most of it is true, but it was all before I fell for you…: CB clenches his fists after maintaining eye contact with the detective for a moment then turns his attention to LL

So please babe, (chorus)…: Cut to the first performance scene with CB in a smoke grey ensemble on a stool as shots are swapped between him performing the chorus and him watching the detective interrogate the LL who is visibly struggling with regaining her composure, her eyes never leaving the photos in front of her.

Everything I say right now is gonna be used in another fight…: LL doesn’t want to believe what’s in front of her so she reaches for her phone in hopes to reference back to what she’s been told; scrolling through her text messages, she finds one of the most recent sent from CB that reads “please don’t judge me”

And I’ve been through this so many times, can we change the subject?…: Cutting between the performance scenes and the interrogation room, CB’s frustration at having no control over the situation at hand shows as the detective then reveals an intimate picture of someone who’s recognized by LL as an ex. This causes the LL to break her solidarity and allow a tear to cascade down her cheek.

You’re gonna start askin’ me questions like ‘was she attractive? Was she an actress?’ Baby the fact is you’re hearin’ rumors about me and saw some pictures online sayin’ they got you so angry, makin’ you wish you were blind…: As CB sings from his place in the IR, his LL’s face begins to alter from sad and distraught to angry. One by one, she starts to pick up each photo and slowly tear them in half – the camera takes on her POV and through each tear, the detective can be seen giving her a puzzled look. CB, too, is curious about what this means and looks on as he mouths the lyrics to the second verse.

Before we start talkin’ crazy and sayin’ things we regret, can we just slow it down, press reset? You’re beautiful…: With the torn pictures scattered atop the cold table, LL allows the detective to go on a rant regarding her protectiveness of CB and how foolish she’s being; CB cannot hear anything being said and only sees the detective getting angrier while his LL remains calm and stoic. At “you’re beautiful”, the LL jolts as if she could hear CB saying this specifically to her which ignites a fire within her, a reddish-orange glow starting to slowly engulf her body from the bottom up that CB can see but the detective cannot.

(chorus): CB places his hands against the glass as the camera toggles between his POV, which is watching LL, and LL’s POV, who has the detective in her direct line of vision.

Just let the past, just be the past and focus on things that are gonna make us last…: Cut to the performance scene as CB sits solemnly on the stool and sings then cut back to the IR where the LL is lightly tapping her fingertips against the steel as the detective goes on with his rant. The camera zooms in to her eyes and reveal a red tint to her normally brown orbs; they jerk to the right then the camera cuts to a close-up of CB’s eyes.

Take me as I am, not who I was; I promise I’ll be the one you can trust…: Returning her fiery gaze to the unsuspecting detective, the LL starts to rise from her seat and in slow motion we first see LL thrusting her hands forward causing the tattered pictures, the long-forgotten water and whatever dust that had settled during their occupancy of the room to be tossed in the direction of the detective. Her muted glow from before is amplified and overpowering as she resembles a phoenix who is at home in the fire she’s caused. At “I promise I’ll be the one that you can trust”, the camera slowly cuts to CB as the slow motion continues and he is compelled to back away from the mirror just in time…

So please…: At this vocal peak, the camera is placed in the middle of the two rooms; on the right, the LL lets out a scream that causes the glass from the two-way mirror to break – CB takes cover behind a nearby chair while the detective shields himself from the carnage behind the table that was tossed on its side previously

(chorus): The LL remains in her place for a moment then slowly turns around as CB sings the last chorus – shots toggled between the performance scenes and the IR – at “so please don’t”, the LL and CB finally lock eyes through the wall opening and start to walk towards each other.

Let it be beautiful (second)…: As CB sings the ad-libs, he hops over the partition and stares into the LL’s eyes. He then looks down at her hand and reaches for it. Slowly, the LL grips it and returns CB’s gaze once he looks back at her.

They embrace and CB mouths to the camera a final “I don’t wanna go there” then the shot flips to capture the LL staring straight into it as she mouths “We should never go there” before the camera slowly pans out to a wideshot of the couple from the other side of the now nonexistent mirror – the fire still crackling around them – then slowly fades to black.

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  1. Fatima A. says:

    That sounds really good, I can see the whole thing in my head! I wonder if he is going to do a video for it.

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