How do I newly stan for thee, Miguel? I shall count the ways:

One: your hair consistently gives me life and I hope that one day you share your follicle regimen with me so that I, too, may have edges snatched easy like Sunday Morning and pillowy soft curls atop my head.

Two: though I’ve previously mocked your tendency to mumble through your songs, I enjoy and appreciate that you’ve given me something astoundingly great to mumble along with just as passionately as you do in your vivid live performances.

“Kaleidoscope Dream” is … it’s like when you were little, let’s say school-age: your mom (or dad, if you had the pleasure of him being present) would wake you up for school and you weren’t cranky for once. For this, your parent rewarded you with McDonald’s for breakfast on the drive to elementary and you were amped – kicked your day off ALL kinds of right.

You get dropped off and your classmates are super nice to you for some reason; you don’t question it because it feels good. You’ve been feeling good all day, but it doesn’t end there; your favorite cousin comes to pick you up early and y’all go riding in his/her car. They have a sunroof and it’s a perfect 77 degrees outside so you actually enjoy the air. You get to go to the mall – a place your parent never takes you because they know you’ll ask for something. This time, though, you don’t because you’re so happy to be out and about it doesn’t matter if you don’t leave here without a toy.

Because your cousin is so cool, you get a toy anyway. That’s it: you decide that this day cannot get any more fantastic – but it does because you’ve just been informed that you two are meeting up with the family at … Chuck E. Cheese.

THAT’S what “Kaleidoscope Dream” makes you feel; don’t contest me on this because I’ve been a child and the culmination of the excitement you feel from what I’ve just described is pretty damn accurate.

Miguel packs so much sex, love, and fancy free good times in this twelve-track album that it’s almost a sensory overload. He did right by kicking off the eclectic music experience his listener is destined for with the feel-good jazzy love ballad “Adorn” – this has surely earned a spot on every family gathering’s playlist by now because you can’t help but get happy when it comes on.

Makes you wanna hug yourself, Monique-style.

Next is “Don’t Look Back” and what I love about this album is that there’s such a quick transition between songs that you hardly have time to recover from being blown away by the last track. “Use Me”? Listen if this ain’t THE song of this prized and coveted cuffin’ season that everyone’s raving about, you’re just not utilizing music the way you should be and therefore are missing out.

Track by track, you get more and more into what Miguel is dishing out and you end up wanting seconds … and thirds. “Arch ‘N Point” will make any girl feel courageous and attempt to arch her back and point her toes just to see what kind of reaction she’ll get, which I’m presuming will be a good one for sure.

Having made it a point to watch any live performance he’s had recently, a poignant moment in the album is the song “Candles In The Sun”, a song that questions just how willing mankind is to waking up and making a change to make this world a bit more bearable. Hearing Miguel speak just before he performs this reminds you just how alternative he is from the “typical” R&B singers of recent history: he speaks so intelligently and has a passion for people as well as his craft.

You can’t really knock that even if he’s not your cup of tea.

The highlight of “Kaleidoscope Dream” is probably “Pussy Is Mine”; it makes me uncomfortable to type it and I refer to it as “track 10” in verbal conversation BUT that song is everything. Miguel truly pitches and sells expertly and I love that it sounds as if the song was done in one take, which is dope if that is the case.

“Do You…?” is just as fantastic and is actually up there with “Use Me” as my favorites from the album; the video is super cute and the hook is great to sing along. When Miguel makes an affirmation, he stands by it and makes me completely believe every word he says.

I am the first to admit that I did not “get” Miguel whatsoever when I first heard of him: didn’t understand his look, his voice or what the hell he was saying. “Quickie” slightly intrigued me but “Sure Thing” was such a loving and honest song, I had to give it up to him.

Expand your R&B collection and get into a diverse production that will get you right this winter – “Kaleidoscope Dream” is now available in stores and digital music retailers everywhere! Watch him perform on “The Late Show With David Letterman” on October 9th – will he stick with “Adorn” or go with something new like “Do You…?” or “The Thrill”? Watch and find out for yourself!

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