I like to look back and reflect on the highs and lows of my year when New Year’s comes around; my yearly progress report is a bit more interesting than usual – let’s review:

  • I started off the year at Urban Outfitters drowning in hipster attire and hostile management but decided that I’d had enough and left just two months into the year,
  • I was able to focus on blogging more and attended events, adding more write-ups to my portfolio. I even interviewed one of my favorite artists (Brandon Hines) and write a great piece for,
  • Sista needed funds so she hit the pavement and eventually came upon a random start-up in the city and made the move from the suburbs to the concrete jungle,
  • Trips were taken, fun was had throughout the summer but my attention span was fleeting so I needed something to entertain me besides working and blogging,
  • In comes school and I restarted my love/hate relationship with education (fun),
  • My frustration with my job’s randomness bubbled over and I began my job hunt, eventually planning to quit by January since I’d come upon no leads,
  • Love was rejuvenated within me and a brand new start was born from a second chance (awww),
  • A leap of faith turned into the opportunity of a lifetime and just like that my life was changed – two weeks before a new year was to begin.

So, as you can see 2012 held its ups and downs: I doubted plenty and triumphed even more. This is the most grown-up I’ve ever felt in my life and 2013 is about to take me to new heights. The lows are inevitable and I’m preparing myself just in case but I’m looking forward to more growth.

I’m getting my health in check – I really mean that – and working on what I feel needs improvement within myself. I’m excited for what’s to come because what’s already happened has been pretty dope.

Happy New Year, guys – here’s to becoming who you want to be and pursuing your dreams in 2013. You have all you need to do it, so go do it!

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