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Yes, this post is about me: if you’ve noticed, my updating has fallen a bit to the wayside lately but it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me. Two huge things happened that I’m pretty proud of and I have to fill you guys in on:

  1. I interviewed BRANDON HINES on behalf of, a site I contribute to – if you didn’t already know. It was the most awesome experience and my first in-person interview of my young blogging career. Everyone was hospitable and Brandon was a sweetheart. Man, that was a great day. Anyway, the interview was great and the article’s pretty dope, if I do say so myself. Click the screencap above to read it for yourself! And,
  2. I am officially a contributor for! This is such a great opportunity for me to reach a broader audience and between the three sites I’m affiliated with, I have to say that all my bases are pretty much covered. I’ve already done my first editorial – the impact that hip hop soundtracks in the ’90s had on me at a younger age – and I think you should check it out.

I’ll be able to handle it all, don’t worry, and you’ll still get your regular dosage of random quirky shit over here. Girl’s gotta get her name out here in these streets! Support my e-families, please and thanks, because they’re great brands and I wouldn’t bother with them if they weren’t. Now, you go now and have yourself a good day.

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Don’t forget that we also have a tumblr page for you to peruse quirky things on a daily basis! Check out photos, music and videos that are posted exclusively for your reblogging pleasure! We do a spectacular Throwback Thursday video tribute every week that you should check out, too.

Wanna hear from LEAH LABELLE, the artist who has PHARRELL WILLIAMS and JERMAINE DUPRI on deck as her debut album’s executive producers?

Wanna catch flicks of GWEN STEFANI posted up in the studio working on the new NO DOUBT project?

Care to know my opinion on the CHRIS BROWN/RIHANNA developments as of late? [of course you do]

Get the point? Follow us on tumblr today!

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Happy Holidays from QUiRK TALES!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year because Christmas is upon us! Even more so, 2012 is just around the corner meaning we must wrap up 2011. It’s been a good year for my music library and I’m sure it has been for you, too.

Before we kick the new year off, I’ll be gifting you with the 25 most dynamic songs (to my life) of 2011 via the lovely folks at Spotify. I’ll also be giving you all my picks of five breakthrough artists of the year next week, so be on the look out for that.

QUiRK TALES will have some great things on the horizon these next twelve months and I can only hope that you’ll be along for the ride.


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It’s true that QUiRK TALES is new, but I actually began blogging about music two years ago today. I started this because I wanted to flex my voice on how I saw things regarding the industry and to give artists who may not have a platform to showcase their talent a place to call their own, so to speak.

I don’t do this for money; I don’t get invited to events or anything like that, but I don’t do it for the accolades. My reward comes when I make connections with artists that are genuine or when a reader hits me up and says, “yo, I was thinking the same exact thing” or “wow, I never thought of it that way but it makes so much sense now”. I just want to know that I’m being heard.

I love posting about the things that keep me going about my day and I want you to love them too. I’m proud of myself for wanting this for this long; my attention span normally can’t handle this kind of project and while I have faltered on the consistency of posting things, the love’s never died for me.

I take pride in what I do and will continue to do it until it isn’t fun anymore. Thank you for being here now and if you were here two years ago, I love you wholeheartedly.

This is only the beginning! =)

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Well, well, well! Welcome to QUiRK TALES, the revamp of itstheCOOL. I’m here to give you guys my thoughts on things happening in the music industry while exposing you to new things. They may be new to you and they may not; ultimately, I post what I like and what I endorse no matter who it may be. Don’t be alarmed if you spot a few artists that you may deem as invalid to your ears.

Just skip that post =)

I have some great things lined up for you, so I hope you stay locked in and help spread the word. Feel free to take a look around at what I’ve done before, but just know that it’s just the beginning!

– Stephanie

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…well, YOU know the rest! Just because the updates been slowed over here at itstheCOOL a bit doesn’t mean I’ve been idle by any means. First off, we have a logo! Check the top corner; kinda snazzy, huh?

Second, I’ve been reading up on a few things I’d like to feature here but I feel like I need some research out on the “field” before I do so, hence me being so busy off the blog lately.

Don’t forget that I am still looking for votes for Vibe’s Ultimate Blogger contest! Voting ends April 16th; it’s a fun competition and I won’t die if I don’t win but it’s great that you guys have an opportunity to show your support for itstheCOOL in such a major way. Spread the word!

Once again, I’m reevaluating what I’d like to feature here. I’m not looking to copy anyone else because I think I have a pretty unique style over here. I just post stuff that I like: mainstream, underground, and otherwise. I don’t want to get stuck where there’s never anything to post. There’s ALWAYS someone out there tickling my fancy and I’ll be sure to stay hungry to find those things to share with you all.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you keep coming back to check all things COOL. Until next time!

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All this depends on you guys, though; all you have to do to show your support is hit LIKE ME! at this site everyday until April 16th and we may have a chance to take this COOL movement to the next level!

Help a sista out and go vote!


Pretty snazzy clip, eh? I just took the plunge and entered a contest where I could win a weekly blog on Vibe Vixen’s website! If you know me, you know that I have stanned for Vibe Magazine since the beginning of time, so this would be such a great opportunity for me to spread the COOL gospel across the Internet!

I need you guys to vote like crazy (by clicking the photo above and selecting ‘LIKE ME!’) until April 16th then it’s in God’s (and the judge panel’s) hands. Let’s take over, shall we?


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I just wanted to stop real quick and thank everyone who’s taken the time to read a post, reblog/like said post, and follow us here on tumblr! I appreciate every one of you and will strive to keep giving you great content that you can tell your friends about.

As you were =)


I figured since theCOOL still gets MAD hits over here, it would be wise to just toss out some content updates we have on our tumblr. Check us out and tell your friends!

"Bow Chicka Wow Wow" - Mike Posner feat. Lil' Wayne

THE FUTURE IS NOW: The Mahogany Life

Curren$y Signs With Warner Bros. Records, Set To Release EP in April

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