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LAURIANA MAE’s Month Of Mae campaign rolls on with a webisode that features her opening for B.o.B during his album release event at Bowery Ballroom last month which also saw appearances by T.I. and 2Chainz.  Check out her song of the week, “Bring Me Back My Car”, after the click before she drops new material for us this week!

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LAURIANA MAE is ready to make this month hers for the taking, officially deeming it the #MonthOfMae! Equipped with a webisode and new music, Miss Mae is fierce and letting you know that she’d endure any and everything for your love no matter who calls her out on it with “Suicide Bomb”. Her voice knocks me out and I’m in love with her style so excited isn’t the word in regards to Lauriana’s come-up. Take a listen to “Suicide Bomb” below and head over to our tumblr to see her in her element as she performs at the MGM Grand at the Foxwoods. You can also hear her lovely voice on “Chandelier”, one of the many standout tracks on B.o.B’s sophomore album, Strange Clouds – which is a dope album that you should cop by the way.

“Suicide Bomb” – Lauriana Mae [DOWNLOAD]

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Allow me to talk my (stan) shit for a moment: B.O.B. is prepping his fans for the May release of his sophomore album Strange Clouds and just dropped the tracklisting which boasts appearances by NICKI MINAJ, CHRIS BROWN … and TAYLOR SWIFT, among others. Bobby’s versatile and this album is definitely proof of that. I’m excited because I love B.o.B. – would totally marry him if that was ever an option, just sayin’.

1. Bombs Away feat. Morgan Freeman‬
‪2. Ray Bands ‬
‪3. So Hard To Breathe ‬
‪4. Both Of Us feat. Taylor Swift‬
‪5. Strange Clouds feat. Lil Wayne‬
‪6. So Good‬
‪7. Play For Keeps ‬
‪8. Arena feat. Chris Brown and T.I.‬
‪9. Out Of My Mind feat. Nicki Minaj‬
10. Never Let You Go feat. Ryan Tedder‬
11. Chandelier feat. Lauriana Mae
12. Circles ‬
‪13. Just A Sign feat. Playboy Tre‬
‪14. Castles feat. Trey Songz ‬
‪15. Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray)‬

Be sure to cop Strange Clouds May 1st when it hits stores and digital retailers everywhere.


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Today is a particularly busy day in the music industry and I’m sure it’s overwhelming for you because there’s just so many new albums to choose from – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The MF Life, Melanie Fiona: This sophomore effort from one of Canada’s finest is bubbling over with her life’s experiences over the past three years since her debut album, The Bridge, was released. I attended her album release event Monday night and I can tell you that the girl has been through some things. She’s better now and has a wonderful project that chronicles the good, the bad, and the grimy. For features from Nas to B.o.B and production from the likes of No ID, T-Minus, Infinity and more, The MF Life features Mel flexing her versatility musically while baring her soul lyrically. The Jack Splash-produced “Wrong Side Of A Love Song” is especially poignant; I distinctly remember seeing tears in her eyes as she performed this, so it’s definitely a powerful experience to take in the song and this album. Check her out today!

The MF LifeiTunes :: Amazon

Unexpected Arrival, Diggy: The wonderkid from rap royalty is officially striking out on his own with his debut album and the tweens are in an uproar – but so are their older brothers and sisters. UA shouldn’t be stock piled into the “teenybopper kid rapper” category so suddenly; it’s obvious he’s passionate about his craft and has a great team that supports his vision. He’s smart and it shows in his lyrics; he also knows his place and keeps his sound friendly to his demographic, which is also his age group. Diggy gives you what you’re seeking from him, regardless of who you are or what you’re seeking; you want to fall in love with him and for him to feel the same way? “Do It Like You”; you want him to get lyrical and give you a glimmer of hope for the next generation of rap? “88”; you want an alternative sound that takes about five steps left from the average (typical) hip hop beat? “Hello World”. Get the picture? Get the album.

Unexpected ArrivaliTunes :: Amazon :: Spotify 

Half Naked And Almost Famous, Machine Gun Kelly: Cleveland’s most laced up wild boy is providing the soundtrack to doing hoodrat things with your friends – and we’re not against that at all. 2011 was a huge year for him and 2012 has proven to be pretty great so far as well: Half Naked And Almost Famous is a five-song EP that provides the soundtrack to an exclusive documentary of the same name that will premiere on his website chronicling the highs and lows of the last twelve months. Maybe we’ll get to see video of him snatching his boss Diddy’s door … a girl can dream, I suppose. He waits no time calling on his fellow Bad Boy label mates for assistance, snatching up Cassie for “Warning Shot”, but it’s “See My Tears” that eloquently puts the EST movement in so many words that those who are new to this may understand. MGK is very fan-oriented and this EP is dedicated solely to them. A rager with a heart, how awesome is that!

Half Naked And Almost FamousiTunes :: Spotify

Radio Music Society, Esperanza Spalding: Jazz bassist and 2011’s Best New Artist via The Grammys Esperanza Spalding is taking a different approach to singing the praises of her genre and while this may be risky, it fits well on her. Radio Music Society is a contemporary jazz album that maintains its instrumental foundation but boasts production that may reel in a few new fans. Q-Tip ring a bell? Yes, he’s produced and is featured on the LP that also includes appearances by Algebra Blessett, Lalah Hathaway, Becca Stevens and many more. RMS expands on the various forms of love and touches on an embattled generation faced with obstacles unparalleled to anything we’d ever experienced before. What’s even better about this album is that there’s a video for every single song – how many artists do you get that with these days? This is a great album that shouldn’t be slept on at all because it isn’t your typical jazz piece.

Radio Music SocietyiTunes :: Amazon

The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond, Various Artists: The critics are saying that this could be the biggest movie of our time – bigger than Twilight kind of big; Suzanne Collins, the author of the obsessively popular young adult book trilogy of the same title, is saying that the movie more than holds up to the stories; fans are saying that March 23rd will be a day that goes down in infamy as the greatest day ever … me included. It wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t an epic soundtrack to go along with such an epic movie, right? With a tracklisting that includes Kid Cudi, The Decemberists, Taylor Swift (twice), Arcade Fire, and The Civil Wars, one can only imagine what this film is going to be like. It’s a good thing we only have three days left until we see for ourselves!

The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And BeyondiTunes :: Amazon :: Spotify

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VIDEO: “Don’t Let Me Fall” – B.o.B

This is one of my favorite songs off “The Adventures of Bobby Ray” and I honestly didn’t know that B.o.B was still putting out singles from the album so I’m glad it was this one. Props to Yardie for the visual.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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COMMENTARY: theCOOL Presents The First Annual “Let’s Be Frank” Awards – The VMAs Edition

In lieu of the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony that went down last night, we here at theCOOL felt it necessary to have our own little award show to those who did it up, did the most, and just did bad all around. Please know that if I mentioned an artist’s name in this post, it means they’re on my radar and I’m probably a huge fan. Fans have constructively critical voices that need to be flexed from time to time. Okay, let’s get started!

The Chad Ochocinco “Child Please!” Award goes to:

Rihanna for her Raggedy Ann getup and lackluster vocals during Eminem’s comeback performance for “Love The Way You Lie”. Ri, we love the way you manage to get performance slots considering your vocal handicap. Do you, hon! Just stop doing it on stage so much. All right.

The “LAWD, Where Did I Go Wrong” Award goes to:

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I never thought I’d say this but…last night’s BET Awards were actually bearable! I won’t give you my detailed review because I’m doing a special YouTube commentary that should be up later today, but I was pleased. Check out my favorite performance of the night by the amazing Chris Brown and other highlights after the click. More is coming!

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VIDEO: “Airplanes” – B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams

One of my favorite songs off Bobby Ray’s debut LP finally has a visual to it. Check it out.

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REVIEW: Steppin’ Laser Tour: House of Blues [Houston – 4/26/2010]

treats from the show!

Downtown Houston was buzzing Monday afternoon in anticipation for the sold-out Steppin’ Laser stop at House of Blues featuring B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco. The hip-hop show was expected to be nothing short of amazing, and the acts DEFINITELY did not disappoint.

After opening acts Young Marcus and Dosage successfully warmed the crowd up, the show began with B.o.B kicking his hour-long set off with his number two hit single, “Airplanes” sans Hayley Williams [she’s on tour with her band, Paramore]. Everyone was amped, singing along word for word; as time rolled on, B.o.B went through his music catalogue and performed familiar mixtape tracks such as “Haterz Everywhere”, “Voltage”, and “On Top of The World”.

It was interesting to see him command the crowd’s attention with his stage presence and how well put together B.o.B was compared to when I saw him eight months prior on the Great Hangover Tour. Back then, he’d stuck his foot in his mouth within the first two seconds of setting foot on stage by the infamous musician blunder: shouting out another city’s name in a completely different place. It seemed like this time, he’d laid off of the partying the night before and he was rewarded with cheers and appreciation.

Fellow Atlanta rapper Playboy Tre made the trip with him and the two performed “Bet I”, his newest single which also features his boss, T.I. What I liked most about B.o.B back in August was that he played the guitar on a lot of his material, which is definitely not something rappers are doing today, so when he picked up his acoustic guitar with those feathers decorated on the outside, I knew the REAL show was about to start and that got me excited.

This portion of his set was super interesting because for some of the songs, the people directly around me seemed to be lost as if they didn’t know he played the guitar in the first place. This usually means that they heard “Nothin’ On You” a couple times and decided to come to the show. It isn’t a bad thing, but it’s fun to spot those people.

Songs like “No Man’s Land” and new music from the album including a snippet of “The Kids”, “Lovelier Than You”, and “Letters From Vietnam” made for an amazing show, and B.o.B seemed to be in his glory with his band. He couldn’t leave without doing concert staples “Satellites”, “Generation Lost”, and his biggest hit to date, “Nothin’ On You” rounding his set out very well. Bobby Ray definitely engaged his audience, especially two girls in the front who caught his attention every chance they could get, hustling him out of two guitar pics and a shout-out. He gave away his sneakers after autographing them while performing [great multi-tasker, he is] and thanked everyone profusely for attending the show then proceeded to promote his album that would drop at midnight.

B.o.B was AWESOME, and I’ll always make sure I catch him live whenever he’s visiting a venue near me.

Unlike B.o.B, I’d never seen Lupe Fiasco live before so I didn’t know what to expect beforehand. I refused to watch clips from earlier dates on the tour just so I could be surprised, and boy was I surprised.

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ALBUM REVIEW: “The Adventures of Bobby Ray” – B.o.B

If you’ve never taken my advice on any of the artists I’ve ever mentioned on this site, I beg of you to heed my advice this go-round. After four years of touring, recording, and spreading his message of individuality in the music industry, Atlanta MC B.o.B’s debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray has arrived in stores today!

Adventures is chock full of auditory goodies for the music lover whether you’ve been a Bobby supporter from jump or just recently discovered his music thanks to his number one single, “Nothin’ On You” featuring Bruno Mars, OR his number two single, “Airplanes” featuring Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Oh yeah, it’s like that. Bob’s got something for everyone on this: hood tracks that’ll get you hype (“Bet I” featuring T.I & Playboy Tre), Top 40-quality music (“Magic” featuring River Cuomo, “Don’t Let Me Fall”), and songs dedicated to the ladies (“Lovelier Than You”, “Letters From Vietnam”).

With additional appearances by fellow tourmate Lupe Fiasco, Janelle Monae, Eminem and more, B.o.B has surely cemented his spot in the rap game which could never be filled by any other newcomer because of his unique style. Armed with his guitar, a mic, and his thoughts, B.o.B is sure to capture hearts across the country and worldwide.

So again I say, won’t you take my advice and cop that The Adventures of Bobby Ray, which is in stores right now? I recommend purchasing the Target deluxe edition…BUT if you can’t make it to the store, trusty iTunes carries the same deluxe version as well, which is packed with two bonus tracks, the “Nothin’ On You” video, and an interview with Bobby Ray himself. It’s very insightful and a great visual to have.

Support quality artists with quality music by buying the music. We have history to make, folks!

The Adventures of Bobby Ray – B.o.B [PURCHASE]

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